Four Ways Elder Care Might Reduce Clutter for Your Senior

If you’ve been trying to help your senior figure out a solution for her clutter woes, elder care services might be an answer you’ve overlooked. They can tackle the clutter in a variety of ways.


Caregiver in Highland Park IL: Reduce Senior Clutter

Caregiver in Highland Park IL: Reduce Senior Clutter


What Contributes to Your Senior’s Clutter?

When you have a handle on what keeps your senior’s home cluttered, that can give you a lot of insight into how to keep it under control for her. She might not be as socially active as she once was, which is a huge factor in clutter building up. She may also have trouble keeping up with everything that needs to be done. Elder care providers can often see those sorts of details when you’re not able to be there to see them.


Isolation Contributes to Clutter

Isolation and not being socially active might contribute to clutter simply because it becomes easier to ignore those types of things now. Your senior might have stayed on top of clutter and other issues like clutter because she didn’t want other people to see her home that way. Now that she’s not having people over and she’s not seeing as many people, that falls lower on the priority list.


Staying on Target with Routines Helps

Your senior’s daily routines probably used to include activities that helped her to stay on top of clutter. She likely had routines for managing the mail, including the junk mail, and how to handle all the daily clutter that just happens because of life. As she’s gotten older, those routines might have gotten more difficult for her or maybe they’re just not working as well. Having some extra help gives her a chance to stay on target.


Chores Pile up, Too

But it’s not just about routines like sorting mail regularly. There are chores that need to be done, too, and those can contribute to clutter. If your senior isn’t able to keep up with the laundry, that can literally pile up and create a tripping hazard. Having help from elder care providers can ensure that your senior’s laundry is handled and isn’t cluttering up her home.

Clutter means different things in everyone’s home, but the bottom line is that when it’s left to continue to grow out of control, clutter can become a big hazard. Keeping clutter under control for your senior is just one of the ways you can help her to age in place safely.


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