Physical Therapy: Three Reasons For In-Home Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy: If your parent is needing some physical therapy to recover from an injury, surgery, or illness, you might be doing some research on the best way for your parent to get the physical therapy she needs as she recovers.


Did you know that one option you might have is having a home health care provider come to your parent’s home to perform the physical therapy she needs? Home health care providers can receive training in many aspects of home care, and some are certified to perform physical therapy right in your parent’s house. While it might not work for everyone and under every circumstance, let’s look at three reasons to consider before deciding if it’s a possible option for you and your parent.

Physical Therapy

  1. It reduces travel time.

    If your parent has a hard time getting places, either because she physically can’t, doesn’t have a ride, or doesn’t drive anymore, having someone come to her home to perform physical therapy might be a great option. How nice to simply need to wait for your home health care provider to arrive, ready to get started without having to plan around transportation. This can also be a great option if the location of your local physical therapist is quite a distance from your parent’s home or if it’s in a season when the weather makes travel difficult.

  2. It reduces contact points

    Another consequence of traveling to a building for physical therapy is encountering many more contact points and people. There are doors to open, community seats to sit in, pens to use, maybe even bathroom facilities to use. All of those activities risk your parent touching areas that may have germs or viruses on them which her immune system shouldn’t come in contact with. She will also encounter a lot more people that she doesn’t know and that you cannot know their commitment to being healthy before being out and about. Having someone come to her home reduces greatly the number of people your parent will come in contact with as well as eliminating her need to touch any shared surfaces with others.

  3. More personalized care.

    Having a home health care provider trained in physical therapy come to your parent’s home can mean your parent will receive more personalized care. The provider can see where your parent lives and make adjustments to exercises and equipment based on what your parent has in her home and what will make her therapy better. The provider can also explain and demonstrate how your parent will perform her exercises in her own environment instead of learning them in a sterile office somewhere and then trying to determine how to do them in her home. The home health care provider may also discover areas that need to be addressed that she would not have known about from an office visit. She can even recommend home assistive devices more easily once she sees the actual home.

In the end, it’s up to your parent, her doctor, and you to determine the best way for your parent to receive the physical therapy she needs. Knowing you have the option to bring a trained professional to the home might be just what you need to make that decision.


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