What Are Your Mom’s Options For Chatting With Relatives Overseas?

Your mom’s health is changing. Maybe it’s her mobility. Either way, traveling is getting hard for her. Her trips to see family who lives overseas can’t happen as often. She’s upset and wants to know how she’ll stay in touch with them.


Caregiver in Libertyville IL: Chatting With Relatives Overseas

Caregiver in Libertyville IL: Chatting With Relatives Overseas


As long as your mom has internet in her home, there are affordable ways to stay in touch with overseas friends and family. She can avoid paying expensive phone bills and talk to them as often as she’d like. These are some of the best ways to have her chat with relatives when she can’t travel overseas.



Skype offers some free services, but they’re limited to 50 Skype connections. That’s your mom and 49 friends or relatives who live overseas and are all signed up on Skype. You may want to pay for Skype to get the best range of options for video chats and phone calls, but if she has a small network of friends who are all willing to get Skype, this service is handy.



Facebook owns Messenger. It’s free and convenient. You can make calls or chat via video. Your mom and her family members would need to install Messenger and have a Messenger account.

There’s no requirement that you have a Facebook page. Your mom and her family members would install Messenger and skip the log-in by clicking “Not on Facebook.” She’ll be prompted to create a Messenger account instead.


Google Hangouts

Google has a free service called Hangouts that allows text chat, video chat, and free phone calls. To use it, your mom and her family members would need to have a Gmail account. It’s free to get a Gmail account, so don’t worry about having to pay anything for this service.


Stay on Top of Updates and Security Patches

As her family caregiver, you’ll find it’s actually easy to help her stay in touch with her family. You may need to install a program or two, but it takes minutes. With automatic updates, you can keep her safe by making sure that security patches are installed as soon as they’re available.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with your mom’s increasing care needs. Elder care services ensure someone can help her with daily activities and phone or video chats with her overseas family and friends. That leaves you with time to work, spend time alone, and keep up with your own chores. Ask an elder care agency for more information and prices.


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