Are You Worried about Your Senior Aging in Place?

There’s a lot to be concerned about when your senior tells you that she wants to age in place. Your concerns are valid, but they may have easier solutions than you have considered.


Elder Care in Deerfield IL: Aging in Place

Elder Care in Deerfield IL: Aging in Place

How Will She Get Around?

Is your senior’s mobility compromised now? If so, you may wonder how she’ll get around in her own home, much less getting around when she needs to go somewhere else. Assistive devices can be incredibly helpful, but many aging adults don’t want to use them or resent having to rely on them. How can you make sure your senior is able to get around easily?


Will She Be Safe?

Not only that, what reassurance do you have that she’s safe at home? This can be a huge concern for family caregivers, especially if you’re not able to be there in person and see things for yourself. There’s a lot to consider with safety, including whether your senior’s home is secure and that she’s not in danger while performing basic tasks, like cooking.


Is She Going to Eat Healthy Foods?

If your senior is still cooking for herself, are the meals she’s making healthy options? You might be right to worry about this because it does require a great deal of effort and energy to eat healthy meals. Your senior may need extra help with grocery shopping and meal preparation.


How Will She Socialize?

Some people love to be at home on their own, with people stopping by now and then. If your senior has more intense social needs, though, she needs a plan. Where will she meet people? If she belongs to a senior center or club, that may be a lot easier to answer. Often hobbies can help your senior to meet new people.


What if She Needs Help?

One of your biggest concerns, however, might be what happens if your senior needs help during the day and you’re not there. This is a valid concern and it’s one that you can plan for. When you have a plan in place that you and you’re senior both agree to follow, this can alleviate a lot of fear on both your part and hers.

Home care providers can solve many of these issues for you and your elderly family member. They can be there for your senior when you’re not able to be there. They can also help you to know when there’s something else going on with your senior that needs attention.


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