Four Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Time Management

Time management can very easily get away from you when you’re struggling as a family caregiver. There’s constantly so much for you to do and to keep track of and it can take all of your attention just to tread water. But there’s a better way if you can fine-tune your approach to your time.


Elder Care in Glencoe IL: Effective Time Management

Elder Care in Glencoe IL: Effective Time Management


Ditch Disorganization

Being disorganized is costly. You might realize this in terms of your schedule and making sure that you are on top of appointments, but it’s costly in other ways, too. When you have to throw out food because you didn’t plan how to use it or you buy two of a particular item because you couldn’t find the one you owned, those are big problems. Disorganization is something you need to ditch if you want to get your time management under control.


Nail Down Your Priorities

Without priorities, you don’t know where to aim your efforts. Your goals and your priorities are the targets. When you fully understand your target, you can figure out how to get there. Take some time to really think about what your priorities are. Try to pick at least one for every major category of your life. If you try to focus on more than that, you may feel scattered.


You Can’t Say Yes to Everything

As much as you might want to, you cannot say yes to everything that crosses your path. This is where avoiding disorganization and knowing your priorities really comes into play. When you’ve got those two issues handled, you can clearly see what you can agree to do and what is outside of the realm of what you can handle right now. Let go of whatever isn’t a “yes” right now.


Find Some Help Right Away

Depending on how out of whack your time management is, you likely need to set aside some time for planning and rearranging right away. That means that you need some extra help. Elder care providers can step in for you and ensure that your senior is in good hands while you take the time that you need. You don’t have to fix everything in one sitting, but it helps to have some time and some space in which to clear your mind.


Don’t forget yourself in all of this. You need time just for yourself and the better you get at managing your time, the easier it’s going to be to find that time for yourself.


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