How is a Traditional Herb Garden Arranged?

Are your parents looking for something different when it comes to gardening? They grow vegetables, but they’d like something else to try in their yard. They have the room, and you’re looking for a garden that will be easy for them to maintain. How about a traditional herb garden?


Elder Care in Glenview IL: Herb Gardens

Elder Care in Glenview IL: Herb Gardens



A traditional English herb garden can be a circle, oval, or classic knot shape. If you’re artistic, the knot garden is beautiful, but it takes planning. A knot garden lays out the plants in a way so that they form intricate patterns. The circle is the easiest shape to create and maintain.


Start With a Circle

Place a garden stake in the center of the area where your parents want the garden. Tie the loose end of the twine to the stake. Now, measure a piece of twine so that it’s half of the desired garden size. If your parents want an eight-foot circle herb garden, measure four feet. Cut the twine there.

Take a can of spray paint and tape it to the end of the twine. Walk so that the twine is taut and spray the paint while you walk in the circle around that stake. Keep the twine taut the whole time. You now have the outline of the circle to use as you remove the turf.


Add Soil and Fertilizers

You need soil that is going to nourish the herbs. Now is the time to add fertilizers, peat moss, manure, etc. Turn the soil so that it’s well mixed. Water it well and let it settle for a day or two.


Place the Paths

A traditional herb garden has paths where you walk. Generally, these paths form a cross. In an eight-foot garden, you also want a second ring about halfway to the center, which is around two feet from your outer edge.

Fill these paths with crushed stone being careful to leave a small circle of soil in the very center where the stake is located. This leaves you with nine areas of soil where the herbs will go.


Herbs to Place in a Traditional Herb Garden

Let your parents pick their favorite herbs. If the garden is meant to supply herbs for teas, they may want to choose herbs like lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender. If they want herbs for cooking, parsley, sage, chives, rosemary, oregano, basil, and cilantro are good choices.

While gardening can be great exercise and can ease stress, your parents still need to use care. They cannot spend so much time outside that they become overheated or dehydrated. They need to avoid sunburn and reapply sunscreen regularly. Home care aides remind your parents to take breaks.


With caregivers at your parents’ home, they’ll be reminded when it’s time to have a glass of water. They have a home care aide to help them carry supplies and equipment. They have someone to celebrate their accomplishments. Call a representative to discuss prices.


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