Skin Care Tips For Seniors with Diabetes

Elder Care in Glenview

Elder Care in Glenview

There are more than 15 million seniors living with diabetes. Diabetes can lead seniors to many health problems, including skin problems. It’s important for seniors to take care of their skin. Do everything they can to reduce the risk of skin infections and other problems. Diabetic seniors need to pay particular attention to their feet. This is to reduce the risk of serious foot and leg problems due to their diabetes. Some of the most recommended skin care tips for seniors with diabetes are:

Get Elder Care

Elder care is great for diabetic seniors. With elder care, there will be a trained care provider to help seniors shower. Likewise, they will ensure their skin is taken care of after their shower. Care providers can apply moisturizers. They can also check your senior parent’s skin for signs of infection and inflammation. They will see signs that your senior loved one may need to see a doctor. Elder care helps protect your senior loved one and helps them maintain their dignity while getting the help they need.

Get Regular Pedicures

Regular medical procedures are a must for diabetic seniors. A medical pedicure is a little different from a cosmetic pedicure. It will help seniors maintain good leg health and good skin health. There are lots of practitioners that specialize in medical pedicures. Some will even come to your senior loved one’s home and do the pedicure there. Ask your senior loved one’s doctor for recommendations if you’re interested in getting at-home medical pedicures for them.

Use A Moisturizer Designed For Diabetics Every Day

Diabetics tend to have dry skin, and that means they need a heavier-duty moisturizer. The best moisturizers for diabetics are heavy creams or ointments. Traditional lotions often are not strong enough to protect diabetic skin.

Seniors with diabetes need to moisturize their skin at least twice a day. Given that, they should use a heavy cream designed for keeping very dry skin moisturized. There are lots of different skin creams made for diabetics. What’s more these products have natural ingredients in a thick, easy to apply cream. Ask your pharmacist or your senior loved one’s doctor for recommendations.

Keep The Skin Dry

Diabetic seniors also need to ensure their skin stays dry. Damp or wet skin is more prone to skin conditions like rashes, sores, and cracking. Any place where the body has natural folds can become wet because of sweat and other bodily fluids. Seniors also need to ensure they are clean and dry all the time. This can be a challenge for some seniors with incontinence or other medical issues. Using powders, anti-chafing lotions, and other products can generally make it easier for seniors to ensure their skin is dry all day. Seniors should also wear clothing that allows good air flow throughout the day.

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