Four Reasons Companionship Is Important for Your Senior

Having companionship is important for everyone, but it can be especially important for your aging family member. That’s where elder care services can come in especially handy for both of you. Whether they visit once a week or a few times during the week, here’s how they can help your senior.


Elder Care in Highland Park IL: Senior Companionship

Elder Care in Highland Park IL: Senior Companionship


It Can Ward Off Loneliness and Even Depression

Depression can cause massive problems for your aging family member, especially if she’s battling other health issues at the same time. Depression often starts as loneliness, which can lead to isolation. There are so many reasons for this, ranging from no longer being around a large number of people on a regular basis to no longer driving. Having companionship that comes to her can help to reduce the risk of developing depression and can stave off loneliness.


You Can’t Always Be There for Your Senior

As much as you might want to be, you can’t always be the one who is right there with your aging family member. You most likely have other obligations and demands on your time, which complicates your interactions with your senior. By bringing home care providers into the mix you’re able to make sure that your senior has other people there with her on a regular basis when you can’t be.


Having New Faces Around Can Help

Sometimes aging adults feel uncomfortable telling you some of the things they’re experiencing, even when you’re the primary caregiver. Home care providers serve a specific function, so from your senior’s perspective, it might be easier to talk about issues or problems she’s having with them rather than with you. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t trust you, it just means she needs someone else to talk to.


You Can Get a Second Set of Eyes on the Situation

It’s tough to keep up with everything that your senior needs and that can be going on with her care. It’s even more difficult when you don’t live with your elderly family member. Having a second or third set of eyes on what’s going on gives you a better way to manage your senior’s individual needs. Home care providers can alert you to situations and to issues you might not have thought about at all.


Having someone else who can offer companionship can be a huge boost for your senior. She might be far more open to having home care providers around than you think, especially if you haven’t talked about this option yet with her.


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