What Exercises Could You and Your Mom Do Together?

Both you and your mom need to get exercise each day. Your mom doesn’t want to do it alone. You need exercise programs and activities that you can do together. You’re more active than she is, which makes it hard. The activities and exercises you normally do are not things you think your mom can handle. These exercises may work well at keeping you both active.


Elder Care in Northbrook IL: Caregiver And Senior Exercise

Elder Care in Northbrook IL: Caregiver And Senior Exercise



Exercises don’t have to be traditional fitness programs like Yoga or Aerobics. Take your mom bowling. She’ll work out her arms, shoulders, and legs while having fun. If she has a harder time than you do, you can make it easier for her by playing with the gutters blocked or make sure she has a lighter ball.


Sign up for a dance class. You don’t have to go for traditional dances like ballroom dance if it’s not appealing. Consider a belly dancing class or Disco dance class. If your mom doesn’t want to be seen trying to dance in a group, learn at home through free dance classes on sites like YouTube.

Tandem Bicycle

If you like to ride a bike, look into renting or purchasing a tandem bicycle. Take the lead and have your mom ride behind you. Don’t take a challenging course with lots of hills.

Stick to an easier path. If she has to stop peddling for a while, you won’t be straining to keep the bicycle moving when there’s the weight of two people.


Go for walks. Keep a steady pace as you go. If you need more of a workout than you get with her, add ankle and wrist weights to increase the workout. If she can only walk a short distance but really wants to go farther, consider getting a used wheelchair that she can sit in while you push her.


Have you tried Zumba? It’s a great fitness program for all ages. If your mom isn’t as mobile as you, have her sit in a chair and do the leg and arm movements from her chair. You can stand up and do them. If Water Zumba is available in your area, she might find that easier as she’ll be buoyant in the water.

Don’t let your mom keep you from getting the exercise you need. Hire home care aides to stay with your mom while you go to the gym or take a walk at your pace. To make arrangements, call a home care specialist to learn more about prices.


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