Six Health Issues to Be on Alert for as a Caregiver


When you’re taking care of your senior, there’s a lot for you to watch for in terms of making sure she’s healthy. These concerns might be some of the ones you wouldn’t necessarily think could become serious issues quickly, but they are.


Elder Care in Northfield IL: Senior Health Conditions

Elder Care in Northfield IL: Senior Health Conditions


Skin Issues and Wounds

Wounds, sores, and other skin issues that aren’t healing well or quickly can be a sign of bigger issues. They’re especially problematic if your elderly family member is bedridden or is dealing with a health issue like diabetes. Spotting these issues quickly allows you to take steps to help you’re senior to heal more quickly.

Difficulty Regulating Temperature

Having trouble with temperature regulation or experiencing a fever can be a sign that your senior is dealing with an infection or other problem. This may be something that you need to talk with her doctor about to narrow down possible causes. When you know what you’re dealing with, it’s easier to manage temperature regulation.

New Pain

Pain is a sign that something isn’t functioning properly. Any type of new pain is a reason for you and your elderly family member to take inventory, of sorts. It’s not necessarily something to be worried about, but the type and degree of pain, as well as where the pain is located, can help you to narrow down what’s going on.

Changes to Her Weight

Weight changes usually don’t happen for no reason at all. If your senior is gaining or losing weight without trying, there’s likely a cause that needs to be looked at more closely. Whether the problem is with the foods that your elderly family member is eating or something else, you may want to start tracking details for a bit.

Changes in Your Senior’s Bathroom Habits

If your elderly family member’s bathroom habits are changing, that might be in response to changes in her bladder or bowel health. Incontinence, painful urination, and other issues can all be related to a variety of health concerns. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what she’s experiencing.

Cognitive Changes

Cognitive changes cover a lot of ground for your senior. These might involve how she’s thinking or whether she’s experiencing some other disturbing situations, like hallucinations. Any changes to how your senior’s brain is functioning can be scary for both of you. These are definitely something to talk to her doctor about if you suspect that there are larger concerns at play.

Your senior’s health is a multifaceted situation, of course. There are lots of details to watch for, these are just a few. It can be intimidating to know what all to watch for, but home care providers can help you to feel more confident that you’re not overlooking something big.

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