Positive Interactions with Those Who Have Dementia

If you have a loved one with dementia, it is important to have as many positive interactions with them as you can. They can become easily overwhelmed and their behaviors can sometimes become frustrating. The more positive interactions you have with them, the more they are going to connect and bond with you. This means that you both will have a better relationship with each other.


Elderly Care in Deerfield IL: Those Who Have Dementia

Elderly Care in Deerfield IL: Those Who Have Dementia


Keeping Calm

One of the best ways to have positive interactions with someone who has dementia is to always keep calm. Those who have dementia are often very sensitive to the behaviors of people around them. They notice body language and respond quickly to it. If you can keep calm during all your interactions with your elderly loved one, they may stay calmer, as well. Make sure both your words and body language match.


Approaching from the Front

Another way to make sure you have more positive interactions with someone who has dementia is by approaching them from the front. Many people who have dementia will feel threatened by the environment. If someone approaches them from the back, they may get triggered and act out. Their fight or flight response will become activated. However, if you approach them from the front, they are more likely to stay calmer.


Request One Task at a Time

If you are going to request that someone with dementia do a task, make sure you are only asking them to do one task at a time. They will become too overwhelmed if you ask them to do multiple tasks at once. If there are multiple steps to a task, have them do one step at a time and then have them do the next step after they finish the first. This will help to keep things calmer between the two of you. Make sure their caregivers only request one task at a time, as well.


Be Respectful

You should always be respectful when you are talking to someone with dementia. Don’t talk to them like they are a baby and don’t talk down to them. Make sure you are speaking to them like the adult they are. If you respect them, they are likely to show more respect for you.

These are some of the ways that you can have more positive interactions with someone who has dementia. While things aren’t always going to happen in a smooth manner, by doing these things, you can improve the relationship you have with this person in your life. You can make them feel happier, have fewer behaviors, and get along better with you, as well.

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