Products That Could Help Your Elderly Loved One Stop Smoking

Is your elderly loved one a smoker?

If they have been smoking for a long time, it is important for you to understand how difficult it might be for them to give it up. However, for the purpose of being healthier, it would be a great idea for your elderly loved one to stop smoking. If they want to do this or agree to quit smoking, there are different products that could help them to quit.


Elderly Care in Lake Bluff IL: Smoking

Elderly Care in Lake Bluff IL: Smoking



Chantix is one of the quit-smoking products that your elderly loved one might be able to use. This prescription doesn’t have any nicotine in it. It is made specifically for people over the age of 18 who wanted to stop smoking. Millions of people have tried Chantix to quit smoking. This product works by targeting brain receptors and blocking the nicotine from reaching those receptors. There are some side effects of Chantix. These should be discussed with your elderly loved one’s doctor before they try this prescription.


Nicotine Replacement Patches

Your elderly loved one could try nicotine replacement patches, as well. In addition to the patches, there is gum and lozenges, too. The purpose of these products is to start weaning the body off from nicotine. These products give the smoker a specific amount of nicotine for a certain period of time. After that time period is up, the next dosage is decreased. After a set time, the hope is that the person no longer craves nicotine.


Nicotrol Prescription Inhaler

There is also an inhaler that might be able to help your elderly loved one quit smoking. This is called the Nicotrol prescription inhaler. It helps people to slowly wean themselves off from cigarettes. If your elderly loved one has tried quitting cold turkey before and that hasn’t worked, this might be something they want to talk to their doctor about. You or the senior care providers may need to teach your elderly loved one how to use this properly.



While not an actual product, many people have had luck with acupuncture when trying to quit smoking. This is a holistic option that helps with smoking cessation. There are different ways that acupuncture can be used to help someone quit smoking. If this is something your elderly loved one is interested in, they can call an acupuncturist today.



These are some of the products that might help your elderly loved one to quit smoking. If your elderly loved one is ready to stop smoking, you or a senior care provider can take them to the doctor to get a prescription, if that is the route they want to take.


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