Four Tips for Kicking Your Productivity into High Gear as a Caregiver

Do you dream of getting more done? If you’re like most caregivers, you probably wish that there were two of you so you could get that much more done. But it might be simpler than you think to get more done. Remember that you’re only one person and that you can only do so much on your own. That’s where you’re starting, but you’re ending up with more time and energy.


Elderly Care in Lake Forest IL: Tips for Kicking Your Productivity

Elderly Care in Lake Forest IL: Tips for Kicking Your Productivity



Clean up Your Schedule

When you first look at your schedule you might get those first feelings of overwhelm. That’s normal when you’re super busy constantly, but this is something you’re going to correct. Look at what you absolutely have to have in your schedule and what you don’t. There might be some things that you do for fun, and those are important to keep in your calendar. Other tasks might not be so important for you to handle personally.


List out Everything You Do

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t put every single task on your calendar every day. So after you’ve addressed the items that are scheduled, it’s time to make a master list of all the tasks that you handle. Don’t worry just yet about whether any of these are things you should be doing as a caregiver. your concern, for now, is listing as much as you can.


Check Your Responsibilities

Match up your responsibilities with the tasks that fit those responsibilities. This is just a fancy way for you to narrow down what’s truly yours on your list and what can go to someone else. This is a really important step and not one that you should be skipping, even though it’s going to be tempting to do so. You might even worry that everything is your responsibility, but that’s not completely true.


Get Comfortable with Delegating

The final step in getting your productivity into high gear as a caregiver is to get comfortable with delegating some tasks to other people. From your list of tasks and responsibilities, take some of the items that aren’t things you personally have to do and figure out who else can handle them for you. Hand over those tasks and make sure you follow up later.

You’re ultimately the main person helping your senior, but you don’t have to be the only person doing so. You have to have time for your other responsibilities and for yourself, too. That happens by finding the best tasks to hand over to someone else.


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