Explore the Roles of Physical Therapists by Watching These Movies

Physical Therapy in Lake Forest

Physical Therapy in Lake Forest

A physical therapist is an expert in muscle and joint movements. They can help your dad regain mobility after hip replacement surgery, stroke, or another health issue. If he’s overweight and not used to a lot of activity, then his doctor may recommend physical therapy to help him build strength and stamina safely and effectively.

Have you ever wanted to look at the role a physical therapist plays? These movies give you a good look at what physical therapy helps achieve.


Just Wright

Queen Latifah stars in this movie about a physical therapist helping an injured basketball player regain strength and mobility. Along the way, she falls for him, which is the one thing she knows she’s not supposed to do.


Passion Fish

A former daytime drama star (Mary McDonnell) is in a car accident that leaves her paralyzed. Her recovery, both mentally and physically, proves incredibly challenging, and she takes out her anger on her nurses and therapists. Her latest nurse (Alfre Woodard) is different, and healing for both women may come from working together.


The Rider

After a rodeo accident leaves him with a severe head injury, Brady Blackburn is heartbroken, as riding horses is his life, and he wants nothing more than to work hard and get back in the saddle. But, if he does ride again and has another accident, it could lead to life-changing injuries.



Stronger is based on the recovery of a Boston Marathon bombing victim. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman, a deli worker. While waiting for his ex-girlfriend at the finish line, the bomb goes off. Because of that, amputation of both his legs becomes necessary. His role in helping capture the bomber was crucial.


Walk With Me

In this foreign film, a young soldier steps on a landmine in Afghanistan and is injured. After that, he goes to a rehabilitation center. While there, he forms a friendship with a ballerina, who often stops by to help a relative. Sofie offers to help the soldier get back on his feet quickly through her own rigorous physical therapy program.


Warm Springs

Warm Springs stars Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon as Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt. Physical therapy became an essential part of FDR’s treatment plan after he was diagnosed with polio. Soon, they discovered the Warm Springs Resort, where he spent a lot of time. They then worked to turn it into a rehabilitation center for polio sufferers.

Obviously, physical therapists help with pain management, balance, and mobility. They are just as important in helping with arthritis pain as they are after a fall or injury. Learn more by asking physical therapy specialists about the services, prices, and availability.

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