Five Hot and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfasts: Senior Home Care Wilmette IL

Healthy Breakfasts: Senior Home Care Wilmette IL

February is Hot Breakfast Month and it’s the perfect month to have a hot and healthy breakfast. The temps outside are chilly, the winds are blowing and the days are still short. Your loved one needs to eat well and one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast. A good hearty breakfast will start your loved one off right, giving him the energy to have a great day ahead of him. Whether he prepares it on his own or has the help of a senior home care provider, here are some great ideas for a nice hot breakfast this month.


A bowl of hot oatmeal not only warms the heart but also warms the entire body from head to toe. Oats are packed full of fiber so they are a great healthy breakfast option. While some may like them plain, there are also plenty of ways to jazz them up and make them not only delicious but a fun morning breakfast. Have someone like your senior home care provider chop up fruit or nuts that your loved one can pour on top of his oats in the morning to give them a bit more flavor and texture.


Eggs are versatile, inexpensive, and a great source of protein for your aging loved one. While your loved one can enjoy the standard scrambled, fried, or boiled egg in the morning, be creative the night before for a little extra wow in the morning. You can help your loved one create mini quiches in muffin cups the night before and then he just needs to heat them in the morning for a hearty and healthy breakfast.

Pancakes and Waffles

Some warm syrup poured over a fluffy pancake or waffle is sure to make anyone’s morning a little brighter. If you prepare them with wheat or almond flour, you can practically call them healthy. Especially if you skip the syrup and put some fresh fruit over the top instead. Both pancakes and waffles can also be prepared ahead of time by your senior home care provider by cooking them up and then placing single servings in the freezer. Your loved one can then take it out in the morning, pop it in the toaster, and have a nice warm breakfast.

Breakfast casserole

Another great meal for reheating is a breakfast casserole. Use Sunday night to prepare a casserole that your loved one can reheat all week for a yummy breakfast. You can include ingredients like eggs, sausage, potatoes, and cheese for a casserole that will stick to his ribs and keep him full until lunch.

Breakfast sandwiches

This is another breakfast staple you can make ahead of time, freeze, and have ready for your loved one to enjoy when he gets up each morning. Instead of bread, use an English muffin or tortilla to hold the eggs, cheese, and meat.

The most important thing about making sure your loved one has a nice hot breakfast this month is making it easy for him to eat each morning. A little beforehand prep should set him up for some great mornings ahead.

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