Why Is Heat a Big Concern for Your Senior?

Hotter weather can be wonderful for so many reasons, but it also brings with it some dangers, particularly for your aging family members. Your senior might have to pay close attention to how she’s doing in hot weather and here are just some of the reasons why.


Home Care in Deerfield IL: Senior Heat Tips

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Senior Heat Tips


She May Not Be Able to Regulate Her Body Temperature

As your aging family member gets older, it can be more difficult for her body to regulate itself. Because of that, hot weather doesn’t make her body respond in the same way that it used to. She might not sweat to cool down, for instance, and that can be a big problem for her. Temperature variances might also be something that she doesn’t notice the same way that she used to.


Health Conditions Make Heat Difficult

Health conditions make everything more difficult, but they can change how your elderly family member responds to hotter temperatures. She might find that because of her health issues, she doesn’t notice when she’s overheated. Circulatory issues, for instance, can leave your senior feeling as if she’s cold, even when the temperature is pretty high.


Prescription Medications Affect Her Body

The medications your aging family member takes in order to control her health issues can cause problems, too. They can make it difficult for her to keep her temperature under control. Some even make sweating difficult or impossible, which can create massive problems for your senior when she gets overheated. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how her medications are likely to affect her when the weather is at its hottest.


Cognitive Changes Make for Odd Decisions

Your senior’s cognitive health matters, too. As her brain starts to work differently than it did in the past, she might decide to wear favorite winter clothing in the middle of summer. That can leave her uncomfortable at best and extremely overheated at worst. You may need to step in and help her to make decisions for summer dressing that are a little more appropriate. Remember to offer her choices from two appropriate items.


It’s a good idea to have someone with your senior, especially when you can’t be there yourself. Elderly care providers can make sure your elderly family member has dressed appropriately and that she’s comfortable, even when the weather is hot. They can also remind her to drink water throughout the day, which can help her stay hydrated as well as cooler.


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