Frontline Heroes Unmasked: Part I

COVID 19 affected the lives of millions across the globe. Healthcare providers found themselves balancing the need for patient care and personal safety. Many Home Health and In-Home Care companies withdrew from taking on COVID 19 positive patients due to minimal training in infectious diseases and lack of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


LifeCare Home Health and In-Home Care Services’ clinical management realized that no matter the illness, patients need care at home. Infected patients, also had clinical needs aside from COVID 19 symptoms. Along with the diagnosis, many patients required physical therapy and Caregiver support at home. So, a decision had been made to select a few, highly experienced nurses, to create a COVID 19 Task Force.


These brilliant individuals were selected not only for their medical abilities; but also for their skills in training other healthcare professionals to handle infectious patients. LifeCare Home Health and In-Home Care Services pulled several nurses, physical therapists, and even highly trained Caregivers to take on patients with a COVID 19 diagnosis. Proper Personal Protection Equipment was provided, and the COVID 19 Team executed their clinical assignments with precision and effectiveness. These empathic, genuine, highly skilled individuals deserve to be labeled, LifeCare Heroes. These are their stories.


Frontline Heroes Unmasked
Part One

Home Care in Northbrook IL: Frontline Heroes

Home Care in Northbrook IL: Frontline Heroes


Being a Fourth-Generation medical professional not only prepared Michael Fasman for a career in healthcare as he grew up, but it also instilled values in him that would not falter, even in a trying time like this. Observing his mom prioritize the wellness of her patients instilled the importance of responsibility, diligence, and critical thinking. These are just some of the skills that make Michael one of the shining stars LifeCare’s frontline team.


When COVID 19 first began spreading its wings and cases started to grow in number, Michael describes feeling in denial. He had the same questions that many healthcare professionals with minimal answers. “All we knew is that this disease was infectious. And I had many years of experience handling complicated cases.” Despite the uncertainty that the virus cast, Michael understood his duty and still placed patient care as a priority over risk.


Being a wound care certified nurse, with over a decade of experience. Michael entered patients’ homes in front of concerned family onlookers to help those who have tested positive for the virus many times. “Of course, I was nervous. I have children at home. My fear was pushed behind the importance of patient care, and with personal protective equipment, I was able to do that,” Michael explained. “This is what we do as Home Health nurses. We treat people who are homebound, no matter the diagnosis.”


Michael’s wife and kids understand the responsibilities of his job and support the mission that he is taking part in along with his team. “We are like family at LifeCare. I have to trust my team, and they have to trust me. Over the years, my family has come to know my teammates, and built a bond with them.” Virus or not, “Each client is significant and should be treated with respect, in my opinion,” Michael repeated. And through his hard work, patients were given respect, individual attention, and excellent medical care.


Michael navigated, and continues to navigate through many unknown elements that are a part of this pandemic. For his hard work, and selfless dedication to healing those in need, LifeCare Home Health, and In-Home Care Services is proud to call him our hero.

By: Daniela Shekman



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