What Does Home Care Provide?

Has your family talked about the things that your mom needs as she ages at home? Her health is changing, and you know she can’t be alone every day. But, she hates the idea of moving in with you or another family member. It’s time to find a solution. What questions do you have about home care? Here are the things you should know.


 Home Care in Northbrook IL: Home Care Benefits

Home Care in Northbrook IL: Home Care Benefits


Services Offered With Home Care

What care services are available? There are two areas that a home care agency fills.


-1. Companion Care:

The first list of services falls under companion care needs. Companion care services include things like providing friendship to your mom. She has someone to drive her to appointments, join her on walks, and keep her company at home.

Your mom may have a hard time calling or going online to schedule appointments. Your mom is due for her dental cleaning and exam. Her caregiver can call your mom’s dentist and arrange an appointment. The caregiver may schedule prescription refills, furnace cleanings, and medical appointments, too.

Companion care also covers household chores like laundry, vacuuming, making beds, and changing the sheets. Your mom may need to have a caregiver cook meals for her. That’s an option. She can have caregivers help her plan a weekly menu, shop for groceries, prepare meals and snacks, and wash the dishes after.


-2. Personal Care:

The second area covers personal care services. Your mom may need help with more personal tasks like grooming and hygiene. Her caregiver can help her take a shower, dry off after, apply moisturizer, and get dressed.

Your mom may find it hard to brush and floss her teeth due to joint pain in the hands. Her caregiver can help her with oral care. Caregivers can help your mom trim her nails and dry and style her hair.

Personal care services also help with toileting. If your mom deals with some level of incontinence, her caregiver can help her get to the toilet on time or help her get cleaned up and changed into dry clothes if she has an accident or an incontinence pad leaks.


How It Works

On the scheduled day, a caregiver shows up at your mom’s home with a list of tasks to complete. The caregiver works with your mom to get everything done and stays for the allotted number of hours.

At that point, the caregiver may leave your mom alone for the rest of the day. If your mom can’t be alone, the caregiver waits for a replacement, whether it’s another caregiver or one of your family members.

Suppose the services your mom signs up for are no longer enough. Call the agency and adjust your mom’s care plan. Care services adapt as her needs change.

When your mom’s safety and need for independence must be balanced, home care offers the solutions you need. A specialist can go over the costs, services, and schedules that best match your mom’s needs. Talk to a home care agency to learn more.


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