What Are Your Senior’s Goals for the Future?

If your senior hasn’t been in the habit of setting goals for herself, life might have started to feel a bit stale and boring for her. Goals give your elderly family member something to reach for, and they can help her to stay engaged with her own life and her own health. Talk with your senior about what her goals are now, especially if you and she haven’t had that talk yet. Your home care services provider can be a great help with figuring out what goals she may want to try.


Home Care in Glencoe IL: Senior Goals

Home Care in Glencoe IL: Senior Goals


Why It’s Important for Your Senior to Have Goals and Home Care Support

Goals are something that lots of people talk about all the time, but you and your senor might not have talked about her goals for a while. That’s a mistake because goals for your senior help her to stay on target daily. They also help her to stay motivated to stick with healthy habits. Without goals, your elderly family member is far more likely to let life happen to her, and that can be disastrous for her in some respects.

Types of Goals Your Senior Should Consider

Goals for your senior now might be a lot different than they used to be, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Some of the types of goals your aging family member might consider could be around activity levels, socialization, and even where she plans to live in the coming years. Setting these goals gives your elderly family member a plan for moving forward so that she knows what choices are going to help her to get where she wants to go.

Validating Those Goals

Once your elderly family member has an idea of what goals she wants to set, it’s important to look at how realistic those goals actually are for her. Where is your senior now? Knowing where she’s starting from helps you and her to see what a realistic outcome is. Talk with your senior’s doctor as well. If your senior’s goal is to age in place for as long as possible but she’s experiencing health issues that point to that not being possible, she might need to reconsider.

What Can You and Your Home Care Provider Do to Support Your Senior’s Goals?

As your senior’s family caregiver, there’s a lot that you can do to support her in meeting her goals. That’s true for the short-term goals as well as the goals that are going to take longer for her to achieve. Bringing in home care providers can also make a difference. Elder care supports you and your needs as well as your elderly family member, which can help to spread out your resources even further. Home care may also bring some goals, like aging in place, into clearer focus for your senior. The impossible can become possible with the right help.

Without goals, your elderly family member isn’t going to be able to truly put a plan together for her future. Sit down with her and talk about what she expects and wants from the next stages of her life. There might be a lot more that she can accomplish, especially with your help.



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