Home Care Services: Beneficial Tools for Improving Memory for the Elderly

Home Care Services: Has your elderly loved one told you they are forgetting things regularly?

Maybe, you took them to the doctor, and fortunately, they don’t have any neurodegenerative conditions. If this is the case, your elderly loved one may just need some tools to help improve their memory. The tools mentioned here today have helped other elderly people and may be able to help your elderly loved one, too. A home care services provider can help your senior with this.


Home Care Services in Northbrook IL: Senior Memory

Home Care Services in Northbrook IL: Senior Memory


Playing Strategy Games

Research shows that strategy games can be very beneficial in helping to prevent and reduce memory issues in the elderly. If you and home care providers want to help your elderly loved one improve their memory, some of the strategy games you may want to play with them include:

Basic video games
Board puzzles

All these games can help to improve your elderly loved one’s brain functions. They can help to increase your elderly loved one’s response and processing times, too.

Get Reading

Your elderly loved one can also improve their memory by reading more. It doesn’t matter what they read, if they are reading regularly. All forms of writing and content can help to boost cognitive functions. Some of the things that your elderly loved one might enjoy reading include:

  • Autobiographies
  • Fiction books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Blog posts

If your elderly loved one can’t read very well for any reason, you or a senior care provider can read to them. Even if they aren’t the one who is reading, they can still retain the information and use their brainpower if someone reads to them.

Doing New Things

You should encourage your elderly loved one to try new things, as well. Research shows that doing something new uses various aspects of the brain. It requires your elderly loved one to retain new information, remember old skills, process directions, and much more. By doing all these things, your elderly loved one’s memory will be in full swing. There are many new things your elderly loved one can do including:

  • Writing their own book
  • Learning a new skill such as crocheting or painting
  • Telling stories
  • Writing a blog
  • Going on an adventure

Most elderly people do like trying new things. However, sometimes, it can be scary to try new things by themselves. If that is the case, you or an elder care provider may want to help your elderly loved one while they are doing something new.


These are some of the top tools for memory improvement in the elderly. Now that you have these tips, you or your home care services providers can share them with your elderly loved one to help improve their memory and prevent some memory issues in the future, too.


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