Why Is Your Senior Starting to Snore Now?

Snoring can be frustrating and disruptive for your senior, especially if she’s never snored in the past. Changes in habits or in experiences usually mean that something else has changed, so you might need to take a closer look.


Home Care Services in Deerfield IL: Senior Starting to Snore

Home Care Services in Deerfield IL: Senior Starting to Snore


She’s Gained Weight

If your senior is even a few pounds heavier now than she used to be, that can cause her to start snoring. People gain weight in different areas of their bodies, too, and that can have an effect on her snoring. For instance, if she tends to gain weight in her midsection or above, that can contribute to snoring. Gaining weight in her lower body is less likely to be an issue with snoring.


Her Body Composition Has Changed

As your senior ages, her body composition changes beyond just weight gain. She may also be losing muscle tone in big muscle groups, like her arms and legs. What can be more of an issue in terms of snoring is how the muscle tone changes in other groups of muscles, too. The muscles in your senior’s mouth and esophagus don’t necessarily function in the same ways that they always have, which can make them floppier and therefore more likely to contribute to snoring.


Medications She Takes for Other Health Issues

Medications solve so many problems and that makes them an amazing tool to have. But they can also create problems with side effects that your senior doesn’t anticipate. Some side effects might involve creating changes in how her respiratory system functions or in relaxing muscle groups. These might be what she needs for some of the health issues she has, but they can also make snoring impossible to avoid.


Sleep Issues Are Causing Snoring

Sleep issues are another major cause of snoring problems. Sleep apnea, in particular, is a contributing factor. With sleep apnea, your senior can stop breathing and then start back up again multiple times throughout the sleep cycle. This can sound a lot like snoring and the poor sleep that she gets from dealing with the apnea can cause snoring. If you suspect sleep apnea, talk to your senior’s doctor about what is happening.


Taking a deeper look at the causes of snoring can help you to figure out what might be going on. When you’ve got a handle on the cause, there may be changes your senior needs to make in order to get a handle on the situation. Senior care providers can be excellent partners in making some of those changes, especially if they can help with things like cooking healthy foods and ensuring your senior is just active enough.


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