Help! My Elderly Parent is Getting Surgery

Chances are your aging mom or dad will need to have surgery, if they haven’t had to already. Among the most common surgeries for elderly adults are cataracts, joint replacement, varicose veins, ulcers, prostate, and pacemaker implantation. Not only is surgery riskier with age, it usually takes longer for seniors to recover. As a family caregiver, you should definitely look into hiring an in-home care provider for your elderly parent after their surgery.


Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Parent is Getting Surgery

Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Parent is Getting Surgery


Who Needs a Post-Surgery Home Care Provider?

When someone has surgery, they are far from their ability to manage everything themselves. Depending on the type of surgery and their current health, they could be looking at weeks or months of recovery. Doctors often have strict rules regarding what seniors can and cannot do after a surgery in order for them to stay healthy and safe.

Even if your aging parent is living independently and doesn’t need much help with daily tasks, it’s very different for an elderly person to manage during their recovery period. From the hours and days they arrive home after surgery in the weeks and months of being discharged from the hospital, many elderly adults need some extra care so they can make a full recovery.


How Home Care Providers Can Help Post-Surgery Seniors

Home care providers can look after an elderly parent while they recover from surgery. No matter what kind of surgery they’ve had, it is a shock to the body and the mind. Seniors will be tired and most likely in pain. The realities of their new limitations are just settling in and they may be feeling frustrated or worried. A home care provider can be a calm and reliable presence for the elderly adult.

Elderly adults will likely need help with bathing, toileting, grooming and even just getting in and out of bed. They are usually in no position to prepare meals, clean the house or do laundry. A home care provider can do all those tasks and more, so the aging adult doesn’t have to stress out or exert themselves.

At the same time, the elderly person should not be pampered. Most doctors want the elderly person to be up and walking within a day or two of a surgery, and elderly adults that want to get better faster should take slow and steady steps back toward independence. Having a home care provider by their side to step forward to help and hang back when not needed can hasten a senior’s post-surgery recovery.


Finally, home care providers can keep an eye out for any complications that arise post-surgery.

This might include noting any sleep issues, fever, depression or medication side effects. Seniors will also need transportation to several follow-up medical appointments that the home care provider can take care of.

Studies show that seniors recover faster from illness or surgery in their own home. Because you want the best for your elderly mom or dad, you’ll be relieved to know that home care services can make that happen. There’s no doubt that a home care provider is the right choice for your aging mom or dad after their surgery.

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