Winter Safety Checklist for Senior Citizens

When the winter hits every year, what is your first reaction?
Do you think about all the safety precautions you need to take in your own yard or in your own life? Maybe you find someone who will plow and shovel your driveway and walkways. You might buy spikes for your shoes, so you can prevent a fall. Now that you are a family caregiver, there is a winter safety checklist that you can use for your elderly loved one, as well.


Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Winter Safety Checklist

Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Winter Safety Checklist


Checking Their Closet

One of the first things that you will need to do is to make sure your elderly loved one has warm clothes in their closet or dresser. As you know, it is going to be cold for many months. You will need to make sure your elderly loved one has warm pants, long-sleeve shirts, hats, gloves, and other warm clothing. If needed, an elder care provider may be able to go through your elderly loved one’s clothes with them.


Cleaning The Chimney

You should also have someone go and clean your elderly loved one’s chimney. This might not seem like a huge deal. However, there are so many house fires that occur in the winter. Many of them happen because the chimney hadn’t been cleaned before being used. The build-up of chemicals in the chimney can make your elderly loved one very sick. If it hasn’t been done already, you can call a professional in to clean your elderly loved one’s chimney right away.


Installing and Testing Smoke Detectors

Your elderly loved one needs to have enough working smoke detectors in their home, as well. There should be smoke detectors in their kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and any other important areas of their home. These shouldn’t just be installed. They should be tested, too. Throughout the year, you and the elder care providers should continue to make sure the smoke detectors are working.


Bad Weather Preparation

Just as you would do without your own house, you need to make sure your elderly loved one’s driveway and walkways are clear. They should have someone that can regularly come and plow and/or shovel for them. In addition, you should make sure your elderly loved one has spikes on their shoes and boots. This can help to keep them from falling when they are outside in snow and ice.



There are many things that you can do for your elderly loved one in the wintertime. Hopefully, this winter safety checklist will be more than enough to help your elderly loved one stay safe this winter and all the winters from here on out.


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