National Animal Poison Prevention Week (March 18 to 23) – Could Your Dad Inadvertently Poison His Dog?

National Animal Poison Prevention Week takes place during the third week in March. It’s very unlikely that your dad wants to poison his dog. Could he inadvertently be feeding his dog things that can be toxic?


Home Care Services in Northfield IL: Animal Poison Prevention Week

Home Care Services in Northfield IL: Animal Poison Prevention Week


Many pet poisoning cases are accidental. A pet owner didn’t realize something was dangerous. Another situation involves a pet getting hold of something that was left in an area the dog could get to. Here are foods and items your dad needs to avoid letting his dog eat.


Artificial Sweeteners

It’s a good idea to keep all artificial sweeteners away from your dad’s dog. Xylitol is especially dangerous. The sugar-free sweetener is found in many items ranging from gum to toothpaste. It can cause low blood sugar levels and liver failure if the dosage is high enough.


Chocolate and Caffeine

In large quantities, chocolate can be deadly. The darker the chocolate, the higher the level of toxicity. To prevent a potential poisoning, your dad shouldn’t feed any chocolate or chocolate treats like brownies to his dog. An overdose can cause high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and seizures.

Caffeine is also bad. In addition to chocolate, caffeine is found in many teas, coffee, some sodas, and energy drinks. If your dad likes to share his morning coffee or cup of tea, he needs to stop.


Garlic and Onions

Any member of the allium family (garlic, leeks, chives, onions, etc.) is toxic to dogs. They damage the red blood cells and can lead to anemia. Your dad’s dog may also experience lethargy, vomiting, and stomach pains if more than a tiny amount of these items are ingested.


Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even renal failure in dogs. Some dogs must eat a lot to become sick, while others need only a grape or two before needing serious veterinary care. Keeping all grapes and raisins from your dad’s dog is the best way to keep the pet safe.



Several varieties of nuts are dangerous when ingested in large quantities. Macadamia nuts are one of them. Within 12 hours of eating them, they can lead to muscle issues, increased pulse, the stiffness of the joints, lethargy, and vomiting.

Nuts like cashews, pistachios, or Brazil nuts are high in fat. While they’re not toxic to a dog, a diet high in fats may lead to pancreatitis and obesity.


If your dad is forgetting what he can and cannot feed his dog, how safe is he by himself? Could he be taking risks with his own health and safety, too? If there are concerns, the sooner you look into senior care services, the better off it is for you and your dad.

He may need time to adjust to a caregiver. Soon he’ll find that he’s gaining companionship, help with household chores, and someone to cook his meals. Discuss your dad’s needs by calling a senior care agency.


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