Home Care Services: November 10th USMC Day Celebrate with Seniors

Home Care Services: November 10th is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and if you have a parent or loved one who served, this is a day to honor them.

A senior will always have pride in serving their country, and this is a good excuse to celebrate them, honor them, and maybe eat a small slice of cake if allowed. Home care services can help you to plan a great celebration.


Home Care Services in Glenview IL: November 10th USMC Day

Home Care Services in Glenview IL: November 10th USMC Day



In 1775 the continental marines were established.

The Marine Corps birthday used to be July 11th from 1799 to 1921 when it changed to November 10th. If you have not known it was the birthday of the Marines, it’s time to get in gear and celebrate. Home care assistance can help make a small memorable event for the seniors and acknowledge the hard work they used to do.

On this day, you may notice more friends, family, and “brothers” calling to say happy birthday even when it is not their birthday. Home care service should allow the senior to have easy access to the phone or even help your parents check their Facebook that day. Seniors may not be able to go to any formal balls, but people will still check-in, and you can still find something to do with them.

How to Celebrate USMC Day at Home

Your parent or loved one may have gone out to balls in the past but that isn’t always an option anymore. You can still find things to do at home and if you need anything special or certain chores to be done the day before all you need to do is tell the home care assistance. They will help you figure out what the senior can do and even pick up small things to make it special. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the Marines birthday.

Bake Cupcakes

Typically when a marine goes to a ball, there will be a traditional cake cutting ceremony. However, older seniors may not be mobile or want to go even if they have been invited. You can still do something fun at home, just not as big or grand. Try baking cupcakes with your loved one and decorate them in Marine colors. Scarlet and gold were established as the main colors for the USMC in 1925.

Cook a Fancy Meal

Spending time together and making your parents feel loved is what is important. This is a day to celebrate them and you can do that in so many ways. Start with a fancy dinner and treat the senior to something tasty. If you can go shopping and bring over the groceries, if the senior has home care assistance, they may be willing to help the senior grocery shop for the event.

Home Care Services: Write Their Stories Down

Many soldiers remember the good and the bad times when they served. This is the day to ask them about their favorite memories or the ones that stick out the most. Write them down and type them up. You can put these stories in a special binder to help the seniors remember the good times they had. This is a fun and unique way to get to learn your parents better and let them look back on their memories in a physical way.

Consider letting your home care services provider help you plan the big surprise.


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