5 Ways for Caregivers to Keep Older Adults Connected During Social Distancing

Experts are recommending that everyone, especially older adults, practice social distancing until the rapid spread of COVID-19 has ended. Unfortunately, social distancing isn’t much fun and it can be really hard to be disconnected from friends and family.


Home Care in Wilmette IL: Keep Older Adults Connected

Home Care in Wilmette IL: Keep Older Adults Connected


For seniors, not staying in contact with other people can lead to social isolation, which can be dangerous for older adults. However, family caregivers can help their aging relatives to stay connected even while practicing social distancing.


Below are 5 things family caregivers can do to assist older adults with staying connected.


#1: Send Letters and Cards

Sending your older family member a card or letter can be a wonderful way to brighten their day. A handwritten note shows that you care. Many people see cards and letters as even more special than email because they receive them so seldom. And, when family caregivers send cards, the older adult can display them as a reminder of the fact that someone is thinking of them.


#2: Have Treats Delivered

You may not be able to bring your aging relative a plate of cookies or some fresh fruit in person, but you could have them delivered. There are many services that family caregivers can use to deliver special treats to their elderly loved ones. Try an online search to find a delivery service that can provide the senior’s favorite treat.


#3: Spend Virtual Time Together

Consider having a virtual meal with your older family members. Order a meal to be delivered to them and one to yourself. Then, call the older adult while the two of you are eating so that you can chat during the meal, just like you would if you were together. Make sure the senior knows how to use the speakerphone feature!


#4: Personalize a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have had a surge in popularity since social distancing began. They are a great stress reliever and a fun way to occupy free time. There are companies that can create personalized jigsaw puzzles using photographs you provide. This means you could have a puzzle made with a picture of the senior’s grandchildren or even of yourself!


#5: Arrange a Virtual Family Gathering

Technology makes it possible for people to gather even when they are not in the same room. Consider contacting family members to set up a virtual get together. This way, your older family members can have a chance to talk to everyone at one time and everyone can catch up with one another.


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