Home Health Care: 5 Types of Physical Therapy Might Benefit Your Senior?

Have you and your senior wondered if physical therapy might help her?

You might be surprised to know that physical therapy can help with a variety of different issues. And if your elderly family member isn’t as mobile as she wants to be, home health care physical therapists can come to her, assisting her with improving mobility and other concerns.


Home Health Care in Lake Forest IL: Physical Therapy

Home Health Care in Lake Forest IL: Physical Therapy


Home Health Care: Fall Prevention and Balance Improvement

Many people don’t realize that physical therapy can be instrumental in a fall prevention plan for seniors. Physical therapists are able to assess your senior’s balance and fall risks and then put together a plan that helps to address her needs. Decreasing your senior’s fall risk is a crucial piece in any aging-in-place plan.

Joint and Range of Motion Therapy

Whether your aging family member has had joint replacement surgery, has arthritis, or is dealing with decreased range of motion for other reasons, physical therapy can help. With help, your senior may be able to engage in activities that she thought were lost to her forever.

Therapy for Specific Ailments

Some health issues, like COPD or heart disease, benefit greatly from physical therapy at home. Your senior may fear that she can’t exercise with heart disease, for instance, but working with a physical therapist shows her that she can. Physical therapy can help your elderly family member to manage chronic health conditions much more effectively.

Lymphedema Therapies

Lymphedema, or swelling in lymph nodes due to fluid retention, is not only painful but it can limit your senior’s ability to be as active as she might want to be. Physical therapy at home can include solutions like massage or manual lymphatic drainage to help your elderly family member to be more comfortable and to improve her mobility.

Home Health Care: Targeted Therapy for Other Issues

Physical therapy is incredibly customizable for your elderly family member. That means that no matter what health issues your senior is facing, physical therapists are able to create a plan that meets her needs. As your senior’s needs change, so too does the plan, ensuring that your elderly family member is able to keep meeting goals easily.

Home health care services help to coordinate physical therapy along with other programs that can help your elderly family member to tackle all sorts of concerns. Improving your senior’s quality of life is always the most important aspect of implementing new solutions and physical therapy can get her there.


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