Combining Activities to Maximize Your Sandwich Generation Efforts

Being in the sandwich generation means you are at a point where you are still caring for your children but are now also in the role of family caregiver for your aging parent.

Home Health Care in Glenview IL: Maximize Sandwich Generation Efforts

Home Health Care in Glenview IL: Maximize Sandwich Generation Efforts


The population of adults in this group is growing rapidly, and many are realizing how challenging it can be to fulfill all of the care needs and responsibilities for both generations. While you will often find yourself focusing your energy and attention on either your aging parent or your children, your efforts don’t always have to be split in this way. In fact, combining activities with both your children and your parent can maximize your efforts, and make the most of your energy and time. This is beneficial not just for those who rely on you for care and support, but also for you and your own health and well-being.


Let these ways of combining activities inspire you to find opportunities in your care routine to maximize your sandwich generation efforts for your children and your aging parent:


-Rather than grocery shopping for your own household and then grocery shopping for your aging parent, do one big shopping trip. Sit down with your parent and create a list of the things they need, then add them to the list for your own household. You may find that you can combine purchases and save money, and will save effort and time by doing all of the shopping at once. Consider bringing your children and parents along with you grocery shopping for interaction, and help with the errand,


-When preparing meals, think about the entirety of the family instead of separating your household and your aging parent. Often recipes are easy to double, allowing you to put in the same amount of time and effort, but double the amount of food you’re making so you can feed your family and also stock the freezer for future meals for the other generation,


-Bring your senior along with you when you are tending to needs for your children. If you are shopping, going to school activities, or handling other needs, having your parent with you can give you someone to talk to, and gives them more social stimulation and quality time with the family.


 -Choose a specific day or days out of the week that you will devote to household tasks such as doing the laundry. Then gather the clothing from both generations so when laundry day comes, you can do it all at the same time. Choose to either do the laundry at your house, and bring your parents over for a visit, or do it at your parent’s house, and bring your children over to spend time with them while you work through the loads.


Simply because you are eager to take on the responsibilities of being a family caregiver for your aging parent, or you recognize the importance of this role and wanted to do the best for your parent, does not mean all of these efforts will come easily to you.

It is very likely you will encounter needs for your parent that are potentially sensitive, or that are simply beyond your capabilities. When this happens, it does not mean your senior can’t receive the care they need. Instead, this is the time to bring in home care.

The highly personalized nature of care services provided by an in-home care services provider means they have access to exactly what they need, while still keeping you at the front of their care routine. This care provider can step in to fill care gaps created by time or distance constraints, handle sensitive tasks in a neutral and dignified way, or take on responsibilities that are beyond your capabilities. This means you can still feel confident knowing your aging parent is getting the necessary care and support while easing your caregiver stress in a meaningful way.


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