Home Health Care: Pros and Cons of Dentures for Seniors?

Home Health Care:  Many of us will eventually face the reality of age-related tooth loss.

It’s a frequent, though unpleasant, side-effect of aging. Seniors who are toothless have an option between dentures and implants. Dentures are not a permanent remedy for tooth loss in seniors, however dental implants are. Having home health care providers on hand can be a great help by keeping an eye on your senior’s oral health.


Home Health Care in Northfield IL: Senior Oral Health

Home Health Care in Northfield IL: Senior Oral Health


Whether you have lost teeth as a result of trauma, such as an accident, or as a result of another health problem, such as gum disease or tooth decay, you may find yourself debating between dentures and implants for your oral health. Without dentures or dental implants, it may be difficult for seniors to get the nourishment they need and maintain the same level of quality of life they had prior to tooth loss.

If you notice your senior parents don’t leave the house often because they are not comfortable driving and you cannot provide them rides, it is time to find extra help. You should consider hiring 24-hour home care to help your parents get to and from places. 24-hour home care agencies strive to provide the best fit for your parents and this can take some of the pressure off of you. If you believe your senior parents need to go to the dentist but they need help getting there, these caregivers are the best solution. Seniors will need to visit their dentist regularly and on the next visit, they may want to talk about dentures versus implants.


Dentures Pros and Cons

Dentures are constructed of a variety of materials and are custom-molded to suit your mouth properly. The outdated ideas of dentures that we have seen mocked in films and on television do not adequately depict dentures that are personalized to suit your mouth and function with your lifestyle. A senior may want dentures but it is also important to talk to their dentists about the pros and cons of dentures.


Advantages of Dentures (Pros)

Here are a few reasons why seniors may want dentures.


Aesthetically Pleasing

This is one of the best ways to restore a full row of teeth. They can be straight and white, which may help a senior feel more confident. Dentures can change an entire face and help hold a smile up better.

They Work for Many People

The best thing about dentures is that they work for many people. This includes seniors with health problems or young adults who have lost their teeth due to underlying diseases.

Low Maintenance 

Dentures are easy to maintain and take care of once you get them. You can rinse them out after meals and pop them in a glass of water when not in use.

Drawbacks of Dentures (Cons)

Dentures have drawbacks that seniors need to consider before choosing this option, like many things.

Seniors Need To Replace Them

Over time a senior’s mouth shape may change, which means the dentures won’t fit properly. Other times dentures may wear down on their own. They are easy to maintain, but regular dentists appointments will still be necessary for seniors.

It Takes Multiple Procedures

Dentures are not something you can walk in and buy; they need to be customized to the senior. This process can take several appointments that the senior must go to.

Home Health Care:  Taking Dentures Out

To attach your dentures in your mouth, their form must cover your palate, impairing the function of your taste receptors. Additionally, if your dentures are loose and move about, they may cause soreness or tenderness in your mouth.


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