Homecare: 4 Things You Can Do Now To Help Seniors During Home Emergencies

Homecare: If you have senior parents or senior loved ones that are aging in place you can help them prepare for any home emergencies that happen.

Any home can have an emergency like a wiring problem, a burst pipe, a roof collapse, or another type of home disaster. But often seniors are staying in the family home they’ve lived in for decades which means those homes are more likely to have emergencies pop up. For seniors who may have a slow reaction time or mobility issues that can make getting out of the home quickly a challenge being prepared for emergencies is critically important. A homecare services provider can help to keep watch for any potential emergencies.


Homecare in Deerfield IL: Emergency Planning

Homecare in Deerfield IL: Emergency Planning

Do these four things today to help your senior loved ones stay safe:

Get Home Care

A home care provider who sees your senior loved ones on a regular basis isn’t just keeping an eye on your senior parents. They are keeping an eye on their home as well. A home care provider that sees your parents on a regular basis can tell you if the furnace is making a noise it never made before or if there appears to be a leak under the kitchen sink. When a home care provider lets you know that there are problems with the home you can get those problems fixed before they become emergencies.

Get Regular Inspections Of The Home

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a home that aren’t visible to you, your parents, or a home care provider. Having a contractor or a home inspector come in and inspect the house once or twice a year is a great way to find out about issues that need to be fixed. Then you can create a realistic schedule and budget to address each problem before it becomes a safety issue for your senior loved ones.

Homecare: Keep An Updated Emergency Call List Accessible

Make sure that you have an emergency call list that is always kept updated so if your senior parents need to call someone to help them in an emergency they know how to call. First of course put your numbers and any neighbors who are close and can help. Then put the number for an HVAC specialist, an electrician, a contractor, a plumber and any other service providers that your senior parents might need help from. Check out each company and make sure they are reasonable and legitimate so that you can be sure they will make your senior loved ones a priority if they call.

Homecare: Have An Exit Plan

Your senior loved ones may need to leave the home in the event of an emergency like the power going out or the heat not working. If your parents are still driving pack bags with clothing, toiletries, medications, and other essentials and put them in the car so that if your parents have to leave they have everything they need. If your parents don’t drive anymore make sure they have a list of family members, homecare providers, or neighbors they can call for a ride. Or, make sure that the information for a ride share service is available to them so they can call for a ride.



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