Ask an In-Home Care Specialist About Your Mom’s Situation After a Mild Stroke

Your mom had a mild stroke. You’re in town for the 12 weeks you’re allowed with FMLA, but you worry about what happens after that. She insists she’ll be fine on her own, but you’re not convinced.
She refuses to move in with you. Your mom wants to stay in her neighborhood and home. Look into the benefits of homecare to ensure you’re both happy.


Homecare in Lake Forest IL: After Stroke Care

Homecare in Lake Forest IL: After Stroke Care


What Happens in a Mild Stroke?

A mild stroke occurs when blood flow in a smaller blood vessel in the brain is partially or fully blocked for a few minutes. It differs from a full stroke as those occur in the major arteries within the brain.

The common signs of a mild stroke include:

  • Sharp, sudden headache
  • Loss of focus with vision
  • Brief loss of facial, arm, and leg movements
  • Difficulty with speech or finding the right words
  • Intolerance of bright lights and loud noises
  • Nausea

Your mom may have experienced some or all of these. She may not have realized she was even having a stroke as the symptoms don’t last too long. Many patients find the episode is over within a few hours.

Identifying these symptoms and seeking urgent medical care is important. The sooner she sees medical experts, the easier it is for them to take preventative action against a severe stroke.


What Are Her Care Needs Now?

-Your mom’s stroke wasn’t severe, but it still left her with some challenges. Her medical team told you that any limitations should ease within six months. Much of this depends on how well your mom listens to her doctors and acts on their advice.

-Following a mild stroke, rehabilitation is key. Your mom needs to work with her physical, occupational, and speech therapists and perform the recommended exercises regularly. The more she works on her recovery, the quicker it can be.

-Her medical team will go over her health history. If she has high blood pressure, she needs to get that under control. She may need to change her diet to avoid foods that are high in sodium or have excessive amounts of sugar or saturated fat.

-If your mom smokes, she needs to stop. Drinking and a sedentary lifestyle are also things she’ll need to change. Having someone to walk with each day may be important to her.

-She’ll need encouragement to complete her strengthening exercises. Until her fine motor skills return, your mom may require some help with bathing, housekeeping, and meals.

Your mom will not be able to drive, so she needs someone available to take her shopping, and accompany her to appointments. Keeping track of her many medical and therapy appointments may challenge her, so hire a caregiver to help out.

How do you arrange in-home care services?

Go online or call a home care advisor. You’ll get answers to your family’s questions and find out more about prices. By the end of the conversation, you’ll have the information you need to arrange in-home care for your mom.


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