What Can Cause Dementia Behaviors?

Many people know about dementia or have heard of it, however, they don’t know what can cause dementia behaviors. There are many different things that can cause these behavior changes. The more that you can learn about these changes, the better you can understand what your elderly loved one is going through. If your loved one has a home care provider, make sure they understand these dementia behaviors, as well.


Homecare in Glencoe IL: Dementia Behaviors

Homecare in Glencoe IL: Dementia Behaviors


Brain Changes

One of the most common things that can cause dementia behaviors is brain changes. Sometimes there is damage to the brain that can cause dementia behavior-related changes. If there is damage to the frontal lobe, it can impact behaviors, movement, memory, and thinking. If there is damage to the temporal lobe, it can impact feeling, learning, and hearing. There may be damage to the brain stem and that can cause temperature changes, heart rate issues, and breathing issues. Your loved one might have damage to their parietal lobe, as well. This could cause touch and language issues. They may also have damage to their cerebellum which could cause issues with coordination or balance.


Body Changes

Your elderly loved one may have body changes, as well. These may affect their personality and behaviors. They could have an infection such as a UTI. This can lead to them having delusions or hallucinations. They may be experiencing pain. This can cause them to become agitated or aggressive. They may also be taking certain medications that are causing their personality to change, too.


Perception Changes

According to research, the perception changes generally happen when the person with dementia is distressed or confused. They are trying to figure out what is going on, but they can’t properly communicate their confusion.


Social Changes

There are social changes that happen with dementia. When people find out that someone has dementia, they may treat them differently. This can make the person with dementia feel closed off from the rest of the world. They may feel like others don’t understand what they are going through.


Psychological Changes

Throughout life, there are many psychological changes that happen. As someone ages, their personality changes, as well. This can be seen when someone develops dementia and before they get a diagnosis, too.


These are some of the things that can cause dementia-related behaviors. If your loved one is displaying these things, now you may be able to understand more. If they have home care providers, make sure they understand, as well.


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