Reasons Why Seniors Should Do Container Gardens

Is your aging relative feeling a little bored?

Are they having a hard time getting motivated to be active?

Did they used to garden, but haven’t been able to since their health has declined?


Homecare in Glenview IL: Container Gardens

Homecare in Glenview IL: Container Gardens


Container gardening is a wonderful hobby that people of all ages and abilities enjoy.

As gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities out there, it makes sense that your elderly relative might be interested in it. Whether they’ve gardened all their life or are looking for something new to fill their days, container gardening provides big rewards for just a little effort.


But what is container gardening exactly?

Instead of planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the ground, they are planted in containers. Because containers are easier to tend and weed, people don’t have to spend quite as much time as a traditional garden. Of course, there’s no tilling, weeding, raking or hoeing, either. Containers can also be placed anywhere, from the sunny back patio to a porch, balcony, corner of the driveway or even a sunny window. This gives seniors easier access than to a more traditional garden, which is usually tucked into the corner of a yard far from the house.

It doesn’t take a lot for elderly gardeners to get started with this unique method of growing plants. Of course, family caregivers and elder care assistants will likely need to help them with the setup and purchases to get started. However, once the garden area is all set up, seniors can generally manage everything on their own, depending on their abilities.


To get started, family caregivers and elder care aides need to think about four things: containers, soil, plants, and tools.

When choosing containers for gardening, family caregivers should look for ones that best meet their aging parent’s needs. Many seniors have balance issues or struggle to stoop and bend. Containers should be set within easy reach of a garden chair or wheelchair. Many seniors find success with table-style raised beds that bring the soil and plants to waist high if standing and chest high if sitting.

The proper tools are important for elderly gardeners as well. Fortunately, container gardening doesn’t require nearly as much to get started or maintain as a traditional garden. All it takes are gardening gloves, a trowel, watering can or hose nozzle and any extras like a tomato cage. Some containers come with wheels or they can be set on small wheeled platforms to be moved to the sunniest spots. Family caregivers and elder care aides should not let elderly people try to move containers on their own, however.

The advantages of container gardening are numerous, but perhaps the most important one is the self-esteem and pride that an elderly gardener feels when they harvest vegetables or fruits or enjoy fresh-cut flowers for their home. Because container gardening can be tailored to the scope and ability of each elderly person, it’s an ideal hobby that is never too late to begin.

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