Seniors With Blood Clots May Fair Better When They Recover at Home

In August, Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City released a report on the outcome of seniors treated for blood clots. In that study, the hospital identified patients with blood clots who had a low risk of developing complications. The hospital gave those patients a senior care plan to follow at home.


Homecare in Highland Park IL: Blood Clot Study

Homecare in Highland Park IL: Blood Clot Study


Each senior was sent home with a prescription for blood thinners.
A few were given blood thinner injections that a skilled nursing care nurse could help inject at home. Of the 200 patients sent home, only one of them required hospitalization by the end of the 90-day study.

What was uncovered is that patients who were sent home were happier with their recovery than those who were held in the hospital. If your parent has a blood clot and isn’t high risk, you should ask his or her doctor about caring for the blood clot at home.


What is a Typical Care Plan For Blood Clots

The first course of action with blood clots is to administer blood thinners and check the patient’s heart and lungs for damage. Doctors don’t want to release anyone who may be at high risk of a ruptured artery.

Once at home, patients must take blood thinners on schedule, attend follow-up appointments, and notify the medical team if anything seems off. It’s also important to track side effects and activities.


Senior Care Services That Help Your Parent Recuperate After a Blood Clot


-Medication reminders are very important. If your mom or dad is unlikely to remember to take medications on time, caregivers can remind them. Caregivers can schedule follow-up appointments, track side effects, and notify doctors and family members if something seems wrong.


-Some of the common side effects of blood thinners are bruising, hair loss, headaches, and rashes. Blood thinners may increase enzymes in the liver, too.


-Caregivers can also make sure your parent is not inactive all day. If some activity is recommended, a caregiver can join your parent for a walk. When appointment days arrive, caregivers can make sure your parent gets there on time by giving your mom or dad a ride.


Find out more about these and other benefits of caregivers. As part of a senior care program, caregivers can cook meals, clean the house, assist with grooming, and take care of laundry. Call a senior care agency to learn more.


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