Are There Clues that Your Senior’s Vision Is Changing?

Vision changes, even big ones, can be subtle for your senior.
Her habits and decisions might reflect that she’s having trouble seeing before she fully realizes that herself. It’s always a good idea to schedule regular eyecare visits to help spot changes before they become a big factor in your senior’s life.


Homecare in Lake Bluff IL: Vision Is Changing

Homecare in Lake Bluff IL: Vision Is Changing


It’s More Difficult for Her to Be Mobile

When your senior is having trouble seeing, she may be having difficulty walking or getting around. This can be true in both familiar environments and in places that are new to her. She may also have a much more difficult time finding what she needs or reaching out for things like handrails. Avoiding obstacles is a lot more difficult and that creates bigger problems. You might notice that she’s dropping things more often, too.


Eating and Drinking Might Be Changing for Her

Your elderly family member might rely more on her vision than she thinks for things like eating. For starters, seeing her food can be a visual trigger for her that she’s hungry. The same can be true for water. She may respond to visual indications that she’s got a beverage waiting for her. It can also be more difficult and therefore more frustrating to cook when she’s having trouble seeing.


Her Personal Style Seems Different

When you’re used to seeing your elderly family member dressing a certain way and styling her hair in a particular manner, it might be obvious when she makes some changes. Those changes are likely due to an increased difficulty in maintaining the styles that you’re used to because of her changing vision. Matching colors can become more difficult and if she can’t see clearly, she may not be able to adhere to detailed hygiene tasks the way she used to.


There Are Specific Activities She’s Given Up

What is your senior doing for fun these days? If her vision is giving her difficulty, she may be engaging in activities less often that requires her to be able to see fairly well. There are other activities that are a normal part of daily life that might have changed for her, too, like being able to drive whenever she wants.

Your senior may benefit from having some more help with daily tasks on a regular basis. Elderly care providers can give her the assistance that she needs and help to make her life easier while helping her to be as safe as possible.


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