Pair Home Health Care and Senior Care Aides for Your Dad’s Bladder Cancer Recovery

It’s estimated that more than 81,000 adults will develop bladder cancer in 2020. It’s most common in people over the age of 55. Men are more likely to develop this cancer. If your dad has bladder cancer, it’s important to know that 77 percent of bladder cancer patients are still alive five years later.


Homecare in Lake Forest IL: Bladder Cancer Recovery

Homecare in Lake Forest IL: Bladder Cancer Recovery


While cancer can be a scary diagnosis, your dad has a high chance of beating it. The earlier he’s diagnosed, the better it can be. Some of the treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, targeted drug treatments, immunotherapy, and surgery.


Things to Know About Bladder Cancer Surgery

If your dad’s doctors feel surgery is the best approach, the tumor is removed through surgery. Laser treatments may be used to kill off the remaining cancer cells in the bladder wall.

In some cases, urine flow must be redirected from the kidneys. A stoma is created and connected to a bag where urine collects. That bag must be emptied regularly. If it’s on the outside of the body, it’s removed and emptied. If the pouch is internal, a catheter is inserted in the stoma to empty the pouch.

When surgery is the treatment option, home health care can be an important at-home care option. Your dad may need someone to help with wound care or insert the catheter. If he has any IV medications he needs to take at home, home health care will help him with them.


What Can Senior Care Aides Help Him With?

Home health care helps with the medical aspects of his recovery. What can senior care services help him complete?

As he recovers from surgery or feels ill from treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, senior care aides can make sure his home is cleaned. He doesn’t want bacteria building up when his immunities are low. Caregivers can clean his house, sterilize surfaces, change his sheets, and wash and dry laundry.

Senior care aides can make sure he’s staying hydrated, cook meals for him, and remind him to take medications on time. If he needs someone to support him while he showers, that’s an option, too.

Arrange senior care services as often as your dad needs them. As he goes through the treatments and beats bladder cancer, caregiver hours can be reduced. If he stops needing help, you can cancel services. It’s easy to add and drop services as needed and increase or reduce hours each week. Call a senior care agency to make arrangements.

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