Home Safety Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

Are you worried about your elderly loved one living on their own?
This is a common worry for loved ones of elderly adults. It is a reasonable worry, as well. There are many elderly adults that fall in their home due to various reasons. However, there are some ways that you can help improve the safety of your elderly loved one’s home. By doing this, you can help to prevent them from falling and getting injured.


Homecare in Libertyville IL: Senior Safety

Homecare in Libertyville IL: Senior Safety


Shower Safety is Essential

One of the many things that cause falls and injuries in an elderly adult’s home is the shower. When standing on the wet floor, slipping is very possible. If you want to improve the shower safety in your elderly loved one’s home, you will want to put non-slip mats in their shower, so they don’t slip. If your elderly loved one has issues with their balance or they can’t stand for long when taking a shower, you can put a shower seat in there to help them out.

Limited Rugs

Another reason why many elderly adults fall is that they slip on rugs that are in their homes. If your elderly loved one has loose rugs throughout their home, they are much more likely to fall. It is important to take these rugs out or find ways to properly secure them to the floor. There are many non-slip strips that you could get to secure these rugs. However, it would be best just to limit the number of rugs in your elderly loved one’s home.

Hiding the Electrical Cords

Some elderly adults have so many electrical cords in their home, that they trip over them. If you want to help keep your elderly loved one safe, you can have their home care provider go through their home to hide all of the electrical cords. If there are any cords that are hanging in the walking areas, these should be secured out of the way, to prevent your elderly loved one from falling.

Proper Selection of Furniture

Does your elderly loved one have furniture that sticks out too far into the walkways of their home? If so, this may cause them to trip and fall. You can help them out by trading out that furniture with smaller pieces. You could also have someone rearrange the room to make sure the furniture is no longer sticking out into the walkways.

These are some of the many ways that you can improve the safety in your elderly loved one’s home. Utilize these tips to help keep your elderly loved one safer starting today.


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