What Types of Documents Should Your Parent Have in Their Emergency Kit?

Documents probably are not the first thing to come to mind when thinking about preparedness, but the information you put in your senior’s emergency kit can be instrumental in helping them get through a severe weather situation, and begin to move forward after it. Knowing what types of documents your senior should have, and how to properly store and protect them, can make it easier to fully prepare your parent, and yourself, for the possibility of a severe weather situation.


Homecare in Libertyville IL: Senior Emergency Kit

Homecare in Libertyville IL: Senior Emergency Kit


Some documents your parents should have in their emergency kit include:


-Identification papers. This can include copies of your parent’s ID card or driver’s license, passport, and social security card. If they don’t have access to these, even a birth certificate can be helpful.

-Insurance information. Be sure your parent and the property are protected with the right insurance papers. Have copies of their insurance policies, insurance cards, and contact information for the company. Also, consider including pictures or video of the home and your parent’s possessions and a written inventory of valuables and other expensive items.

-Medical information. This should include copies of prescriptions, letters from their doctors describing health problems and treatment needs, allergies and other issues, and contact information for the members of their medical team.

-Personal information. Documents such as copies of their marriage certificate, deed to their home, power of attorney, and others can be important for coping with the aftermath of an emergency situation.


Ensure the originals of important documents are kept in a waterproof fire safe or other safe location, and that only the copies are kept in the emergency kit. Store these documents in water-resistant plastic sleeves or envelopes, and be sure they are labeled carefully. Consider laminating individual sheets for further protection.


When you start your journey as a family caregiver you likely have an idea of what it’s going to be like to care for your parent, and to manage their needs on a regular basis. As you move through the relationship, however, you may find it is more challenging than you anticipated. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and worried about your ability to fulfill your senior’s needs effectively and to the quality they deserve.

This is where elder care should come in. Introducing an elderly home care services provider into your care approach for your senior loved one is a great way to ensure their needs are met effectively and efficiently, while also giving you more time, easing your stress, and ensuring even sensitive tasks are managed in the most respectful and dignified ways. This can be valuable for mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being for both your aging parent and you.


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