Transportation Ideas for Elderly Adults

Is your elderly loved one getting too old to drive? This may cause them to feel oppressed, lonely, or unable to do things. However, there are many transportation options for elderly adults. While you might be able to take your elderly loved one places sometimes, it is likely that you won’t be able to always take them where they want or need to go.


Homecare in Northfield IL: Transportation Ideas for Elderly

Homecare in Northfield IL: Transportation Ideas for Elderly


Other Family Members and Friends

It might be time to talk to other family members or friends of your loved one. See if they can take your loved one to the grocery store, to a friend’s house, or wherever else they might need to go. Make a list of people your loved one can call if they are looking to go someplace.


Local Transportation Options

In most major cities and even some non-major cities, there is public transportation. There are buses that can take local residents around to where they need to go. Depending on where your loved one lives, they may need to call the day ahead to schedule a ride. In some areas, they can call the day they need to go someplace and still get a ride. Generally, there is a fee for bus rides and they will probably only be able to take your loved one to places within city or county limits. The good news is that most of these options have reduced prices for senior citizens.


Other Transportation Options

There are places such as Lyft or Uber. Again, there is a cost for these options, but it could help your loved one if they absolutely can’t find another ride. These options allow your loved one to schedule a ride and get someone to their place within anywhere between a few minutes to an hour or so.


Elder Care Providers

Does your elderly loved one have elder care providers? If they already do, these providers can often provide transportation to grocery stores, hospitals, doctor’s appointments, family members and friend’s homes, and other places, too. If your elderly loved one doesn’t yet have elder care providers, it might be time to hire these providers to assist in the care and transportation needs of your loved one.

These are some of the transportation ideas for elderly adults. If you are trying to help your elderly loved one get to where they want and need to go, these are the ideas that can help out. Even if you are able to take your loved one wherever they need to go, sometimes it is nice to have a break. These options allow you to get the break that you need.


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