Senior Care: 6 Things to Ask a Mom After Her Doctor’s Appointment

Senior Care: Your mom’s yearly doctor’s check-up took place.

You didn’t go with her, but you can ask questions to learn more about any changes to her care needs. A senior care provider can help you to get your mom to and from the doctors appointments and keep an eye on her.


Senior Care in Northfield IL: Senior Care Tips

Senior Care in Northfield IL: Senior Care Tips


Does Her Doctor Use Online Patient Records?

Many healthcare offices have created online patient portals. If your mom’s doctor offers them, get her registered and show her how to log in. She’ll be able to schedule telehealth appointments, request prescription refills, and email questions to her medical team.

Plus, you have the log-in information and can make sure your mom keeps track of upcoming appointments and pays co-pays on time. Test results also go in here, so you’ll be able to help your mom keep track of improvements and changes.

Has Her Health Changed?

Ask your mom if her doctor found any new health issues. Have any existing health issues worsened? If her health has changed, are there steps she can take to stop any further progression? Sometimes, an increased amount of exercise is helpful.

If she does have to exercise more, ask if she wants you to join her at an exercise class or for more daily walks. Find out if her doctor recommended she work with a physical therapist and help her schedule those sessions.

Does Her Diet Need to Change?

Is your mom’s diet changing? If any of her blood tests showed she’s missing certain nutrients, she might need to alter her diet. Ask if her doctor recommended she work with a dietitian.

If she needs to switch to a low-salt diet, help her shop for foods that contain little to no sodium. Go through her refrigerator and cupboards to find foods she already owns that aren’t a healthy option. Remove them, compost the contents, and recycle the containers.

What Tests Were Recommend?

Did her doctor recommend any additional tests? If she’s old enough, it might be time for her to have a bone density screening to look for signs of osteoporosis. Is she due a colonoscopy or mammogram? Make sure that these appointments are scheduled.

If she needs a test like a colonoscopy, she needs someone to drive her. She cannot drive herself.

Senior Care: Has She Been Prescribed Any New Medications?

Does your mom take medications? You probably have her schedule down. New pills add to the organization that’s necessary. You’ll need to research foods she can and cannot eat while taking them and their side effects. You don’t know how they’ll affect her.

Senior Care: Is It Time to Hire Home Care Aides to Support Her?

Support your mom with her new health care goals by hiring a senior home care aide. She has someone to remind her when to take her next pill. That’s just one way caregivers help.

Your mom has someone available to cook meals that meet her new dietary goals. Her caregiver supports her with exercises, appointment scheduling, and transportation. Call a senior home care specialist to book services.


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