Senior Care: Best Mood Boosting Foods for Depressed Seniors

Senior Care: When a senior is feeling depressed or down, they may start craving sugary food that is also filled with carbs.

Unfortunately, this can be linked with more negative outcomes, which can impact the seniors’ moods. Food can impact your body in unexpected ways, and a bad diet can lead to further negative thoughts. Nutrition is one of the most important things a senior can focus on, and sometimes it is something they neglect too. A senior care provider can be consulted for help with this.


Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Mood Boosting Foods

Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Mood-Boosting Foods


Tons of research has been done to prove that there is a link between mental health and the foods you consume.

The truth is that there is so much power in the food you consume, and more research needs to be done. To rid a senior of depression, they need positive social interaction and the right nutrition. Without focusing on a healthy lifestyle in all areas, a senior risks being depressed long-term, which can be harmful.

It is normal to feel blue or down every once in a while, but feeling this way long-term is not good for anyone. Senior depression is something society often overlooks but is something senior home care sees regularly. One of the best things about senior home care is that they can be there for the senior. They are companions, meal preppers, and house helpers. A caregiver can become a positive friend to the senior and can help them get a mood boost through healthy foods.

Here are a few healthy foods a senior may find to help improve their moods.

Fish and Omega-3s

Fatty fish can be a delicious dish but also can help lower the risk of depression thanks to the omega-3s in it. They appear to help the key roles in brain development and can help the brain send signals to other parts of the body. There may not be a standard dose for how much you need to eat but this can be great for older adults to consume regularly.


Does your senior love to snack? They need to start snacking on bananas. They are filled with happy mood-boosting vitamins and minerals. Plus because of the rich amount of fiber they possess they will help keep a senior full for longer. One of the vitamins they possess is B6 which is a good way to help produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

Overnight Oats

If your loved one doesn’t like overnight oats they can choose something else. Baked oats, oatmeal, or even oat cookies may be a good way to add this into a senior diet. Senior home care can help experiment and find out which recipes a senior likes best. Oats can help with fiber intake and it gradually releases the sugar into the bloodstream. This can help someone stay full for longer, energized, and feel happier.


Munching on berries can help reduce depression because they are filled with anthocyanins along with other antioxidants. This is the perfect fruit to add on top of overnight oats.


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