Sugary Drinks May Increase Cancer Risks

In recent years, sugary drinks have been in the news because of the negative effects they have on people’s health. Now, a new study indicates that in addition to the problems you may have heard on the news, sugary drinks might also increase the chances of getting some kinds of cancer.


Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Sugary Drinks

Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Sugary Drinks



About the Study

Researchers at the University of Paris used data from more than 100,000 French people who had an average age of 42. The participants responded to a national survey that included questions about the kinds of foods they ate and how much of them they ate each day. The researchers followed the participants for as many as 9 years.

Upon examining the data, the researchers determined that drinking just 3 to 4 ounces of sugary drinks per day increased the chance of getting any kind of cancer by 18 percent. In looking at specific kinds of cancer, they found that sugary drinks increased the risk for breast cancer the most. Another interesting finding was that drinking 100 percent fruit juice was also associated with an increased cancer risk.

The study does not prove a cause and effect relationship, but it does strengthen the evidence that suggests sugary drinks are a health hazard. Experts think that the link between the drinks has to do with sugar promoting body fat and inflammation.


Other Negative Effects of Sugary Drinks

In addition to the possibility of raising the risk for cancer, sugary drinks can contribute to a lot of other kinds of health problems, such as:

Obesity: Sugary drinks are full of empty calories. Most of them don’t offer any nutritional benefits, either.

Poor Lifestyle Choices: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who consume a lot of sugary beverages often have other poor health habits, like smoking, not exercising, not sleeping enough, and eating an unhealthy diet.

Insulin Resistance: Consuming too much sugar may result in the body’s cells becoming less sensitive to insulin. Insulin resistance can eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.


If your aging relative drinks too much soda and other sugary beverages, senior care can help to change their habits. A senior care provider can work with family caregivers and the older adult to improve certain health habits, including the way they eat and drink.


A senior care provider can prepare healthier drinks that are packed with flavor, like herbal teas, infused water, and sugar-free lemonade. Senior care providers can also increase the amount of time the older adult spends being physically active, which can help them to lower their weight or prevent obesity.


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