Five Ways Home Care and Skilled Nursing Care Differ

It’s National Nurses Week. It’s estimated that 18 percent of registered nurses work in ambulatory health care. One of those services includes skilled nursing care in a person’s home. Skilled nursing care goes beyond non-medical elderly care. Here are five ways these services differ.


Senior Care in Lake Bluff IL: Home Care vs. Skilled Nursing

Senior Care in Lake Bluff IL: Home Care vs. Skilled Nursing



Home Care Services Help With Cooking

While skilled nursing may include conversations with dietitians to figure out what foods are needed, skilled nurses won’t do the cooking for your parents. Caregivers prep foods and cook meals. They can help your parent eat the meal, too.

If your parent is on a feeding tube, skilled nursing care professionals will monitor the tube. Nurses can administer a feeding and talk to the doctor if there are issues.


Skilled Nursing Care Can Administer Medications

Nurses are allowed to administer medications. They can set up an IV and give shots. Nurses can talk to doctors about the dosage to give and take care of all the paperwork to show when a dose of medication has been given. Caregivers can only offer medication reminders.


Home Care Services Include Light Housekeeping

Skilled nursing costs more than general home care. For light housekeeping, you want a caregiver who offers things like vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. Caregivers will wash bedding, make beds, and change towels. Nurses are not going to do these things.


Skilled Nursing Care Professionals Can Clean Incisions and Change Bandages

Home care professionals are not medically trained. Nurses go through years of education and exams to gain nursing licenses or certification. Nurses can check incisions, clean them up using sterile techniques, and change bandages.


Home Care Services Provide Rides to Stores and Businesses

While nurses can drive, skilled nursing services focus on medical needs. Caregivers are the people you want if your parent needs a ride to a store, senior center, or local business. With caregivers providing non-medical elderly care, your parent doesn’t have to wait until your day off to go shopping. You don’t have to use vacation time to get your mom or dad to an appointment.


How Do You Get Started?

If skilled nursing is necessary, your mom or dad’s doctor will inform you of the need. The doctor may recommend an agency to help you get started.

The easiest way to find elderly care services is by calling an agency. You’ll be able to ask questions about the pricing and services that best match your parent’s strengths and weaknesses. They will discuss your mom’s or dad’s needs and will recommend applicable services. Talk to an elderly care agency now.

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