August 26 is National Dog Day – Can Elder Care Help Dad Keep His Dog?

Dogs add a lot to our lives. Their silly grins and lolling tongues can make even the saddest person smile.

They are a source of unconditional love and companionship. Having them around gives people someone to talk to, love, and pass the time with. In addition, pets have a positive impact on physical health. Living with a pet can lower blood pressure and help a person to remain more physically active.


Senior Care in Libertyville IL: National Dog Day

Senior Care in Libertyville IL: National Dog Day


Unfortunately, as people age, they sometimes find themselves faced with the prospect of having to give up a beloved and faithful dog.

Sometimes they develop health conditions that make it difficult for them to take care of the pet. They may lose the physical abilities that let them perform basic pet care tasks, like feeding and walking the dog. Or, they may develop a cognitive condition, like dementia, that causes them to forget to care for the dog.

Since August 26th is National Dog Day, we thought we’d share some ways that elder care can help your aging parent to continue enjoying the companionship of their furry friend. Below are just a few of the things an elder care provider can do to help your parent take care of their dog.


Feeding Fido

Opening a new bag of dog food can be difficult even when your hands work well but imagine trying to tear open a sealed bag with weakened hands, or with one hand if the other has been affected by a stroke. An elder care provider can assist with opening bags of dog food and pour them into a container that is easier for the senior to get into. They can even feed the dog if it is difficult for the older adult to bend to fill the bowl or place it on the floor. If your aging relative has memory loss problems, an elder care provider can make certain the dog is being fed daily by reminding the person to feed the dog or feeding the dog themselves.


Brushing Buttons

Dogs need regular brushing to keep their skin and coats healthy. If the dog is small, it may be hard for your parent to bend down to brush the dog. It might also be hard for them to hold the dog still. An elder care provider can lift the dog to the senior’s lap, so they can brush it or hold the dog’s collar while it is being brushed.


Health for Hank

Of course, keeping a dog healthy requires visits to the veterinarian. That can be a problem for a senior that is no longer able to drive. Eldercare provider can drive both your parent and their dog to the veterinarian.


Walking Wags

For older adults with mobility or balance problems, walking a dog can be difficult. An elder care provider can walk with the senior and their dog, holding the leash if needed. They can also offer a steadying arm to help the older adult keep their balance.

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