What Are These Four Other Common Forms of Dementia?

There are other types of dementia like frontotemporal or vascular, but they’re less common. These four more common forms share similarities to Alzheimer’s, but there are also differences.


Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Common Forms of Dementia

Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Common Forms of Dementia


-Huntington’s disease is genetic and causes the neurons in the brain to die.
As it progresses, spastic movements and unusual posture are key traits. It can cause speech difficulties, problems swallowing, and impaired coordination and judgment. Hallucinations and delusions often occur in these patients. After diagnosis, most people live no more than 30 years.


Lewy Body dementia is caused by a build-up of proteins in the brain.
Those proteins create blockages in the brain that affect cognitive skills, movements, and behaviors. People with Lewy Body dementia find their bodies have a hard time maintaining a proper body temperate and blood pressure. As it progresses, loss of bowel and bladder function are common, so are hallucinations.


-Some people end up with more than one type of dementia.
These people are diagnosed as having mixed dementia because there’s a mix. In a study reported by the National Institute on Aging, 7 out of 10 people with mixed dementia usually had vascular dementia and another.

Parkinson’s disease occurs when the neurons that produce dopamine within a part of the brain begin deteriorating. Tremors, rigid limbs, and problems with gait and balance are common symptoms. In addition to difficulties with movement, people with Parkinson’s may become depressed, deal with sleep issues, and lose some cognitive skills.


How Can You Help a Parent With Dementia?

When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, support is essential. The disease will worsen over time. As abilities change, your parent will likely need help remembering when it’s time to take medications. Meal preparation and transportation will help. Home care aides can also help with exercises, housework, and socialization.

Talk to a home care agency to arrange services that will aid a parent with dementia. Don’t delay the decision thinking everything is okay. The longer you wait, the harder it may be for your parent to adjust. Call today.


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