Keeping Seniors Cool During A Heatwave

Senior Care in Highland Park

Senior Care in Highland Park

Heatwaves are becoming more common during the summer months, which can make senior care more challenging. Even though most homes these days have at least window air conditioners for seniors, there is still a risk that they can become overheated. Heat stroke can be severe for seniors, so your senior parent must stay cool even when the temperatures soar. As seniors get older, senior care is crucial as they may have trouble regulating their body temperature because of illnesses, medications, or regular hormone shifts as they age. If your senior parent lives in an area where the summers are getting hotter every year, these tips can help them stay cool during a heatwave:

Ice-Cold Towels
An easy way to help seniors stay cool is to prepare ice-cold towels and washcloths for them to use. Have a home care assistance provider soak some washcloths or hand towels in cold water. Then put the cold and wet towels into freezer bags and put them in the refrigerator or the freezer. When ice-cold, they can be applied to seniors’ wrists, the back of their necks, or on the top of their heads to help bring down their body temperature. This tip is a great way to cool seniors off after being outdoors on a hot summer day. It’s also a great way to keep them cool at night so they can sleep comfortably.

Improve Air Flow In The House
Improving the airflow in the house won’t make it any cooler, but it will feel cooler because the breeze will remove sweat and moisture from your senior loved one’s skin. Oscillating fans in each room will significantly improve the airflow throughout the house. You can also install ceiling fans to help move the air from room to room. Ceiling fans are a highly effective way to improve airflow in any home. Ceiling fans are a better option than floor fans because clunky floor fans can cause a tripping hazard. If you are going to get regular fans for your senior loved one, get tabletop fans that won’t sit on the floor and get in the way.

Keep The Windows And Curtains Shut During The Day
Keeping the windows and the blinds shut during the day will help keep the house cooler. Invest in blackout or thermal curtains that reflect light outside and keep the house nice and cool. Don’t open the windows during the day, but you can open them at night if your senior loved one prefers to let fresh air in the home. Heavy shades can also help prevent heat and sun from becoming a problem.

Stay Hydrated
Seniors must drink more than usual to stay hydrated when sweltering outside. Cool water is the best thing for seniors to drink, but they can drink fruit water, sparkling water, or even iced tea is fine. Sports drinks and electrolyte-infused water are also good choices, as long as the sports drinks are sugar-free.


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