Features A Security Camera Should Have For Monitoring An Elderly Parent From Afar

When you live hours away, security cameras become essential tools in monitoring your elderly parent. You can make sure your is up and takes daily medications. Cameras help you see when your parent goes to bed. They help you see how well your mom or dad is sleeping during the night.


Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Monitoring an Elderly Parent

Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Monitoring an Elderly Parent


When shopping for a security camera, there are a few features you need to look for. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right camera to aid you with senior care.


-Choose Cameras with Two-Way Audio

While checking to see if your parent is up, you notice something. The stove has been left on and there’s smoke. Your mom tripped coming up the stairs and fell. You need to know that she’s okay.

With two-way audio, you can press a button on your phone and talk to your parents through the camera. It may frighten them at first, but once they realize it’s you through an intercom, they’ll be okay. Do test runs of the intercom system when you’re in their house to get them used to how it works.

You’ll be able to ask if they need help or tell them what needs to be done with that pan that’s smoking on the stove top. You’ll also be able to decide if emergency services are needed.


-Look for Night Vision

At night, the camera needs to be able to record your parent with night vision. Be sure to see that the system you’re looking at is equipped with night vision.


Internet Connectivity

The cameras you want for monitoring elderly parents connect to the internet. This allows the video footage to get saved to the cloud where you can access it through an app. Make sure the camera you pick has Wi-Fi and an app you can use to view the video feed.

If your parent doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you’ll have to rely on cameras that store footage to a memory card. To view footage, you have to travel to your parents’ house. That form of a camera won’t be helpful to you.


Are There Extra Fees?

Many security cameras charge fees for storing video footage. For example, some of the Nest security cameras require you to pay a fee to record more than a few hours of video. That cost can be upwards of $10 per month.

Other cameras will let you store a day or two without charge, but if you want to record and store footage for a full week, you’ll have to pay a fee.


Pair Cameras With Senior Care Services

In addition to security cameras, make sure your parent has support and companionship. Senior care services aid with housekeeping, transportation, meals, and more. Call an agency to learn more about pricing, services, and schedules.


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