Is Your Mom Struggling with Independent Living?

It’s always been your mom’s dream to live at home on her own, but she’s getting older and having difficulty with her daily routines. When she’s struggling, it’s time to address the benefits of senior home care aides.

Caregivers Offer Mental and Physical Support

You may think of professional caregivers helping with things like housework, personal care, and meals. There’s much more to it. Your mom is scared to walk without having you there for moral support. Caregivers offer that moral support to ensure your mom leaves the home for a daily walk.

If your mom gets lonely or feels isolated, her caregiver is around to keep her company. She’ll have someone to talk to or watch a movie with. Her caregiver can join her on shopping trips, read to her, or play board games on a rainy afternoon.

Your mom loves to be out in her gardens, but she’s nervous about being outside alone if she falls. Her caregiver can join her. She’ll feel more confident as she enjoys her daily hobbies.

Her Home Is Cleaned

Housekeeping is a problem for your mom. She has a hard time moving the vacuum from one room to another. If she needs to vacuum upstairs, it’s really difficult. Her caregiver can vacuum the different levels of her home, and even the stairs.

Your mom may have a harder time changing her sheets and lifting up the corner of her mattress as she ages. It’s okay, as her caregiver can make her bed, change the sheets, and do the laundry.

Caregivers can carry the hamper to the laundry room and wash, dry, and fold everything when it’s clean and dry. Your mom’s caregivers can also put items away.

What other housekeeping chores will caregivers assist with? They can wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. If your mom has a dishwasher, they can load the dirty dishes, run the dishwasher, and put them away once they’re clean.

Her caregivers can dust furniture, sweep hardwood floors, and take out the trash. They can wipe down counters and the stovetop after cooking meals and preparing snacks. Your mom helps where she can, but she doesn’t have to struggle to complete chores she finds too difficult.

Make Sure She Knows Caregivers Are There to Support Her Independence

One of the biggest fears your mom likely has is that caregivers will take over and strip her of her independence. Make sure she realizes that’s not the case. Caregivers offer just enough help to ensure she’s safe while aging in place. Things she does without a struggle are left for her to complete.

Senior home care ensures your mom maintains her independence, even when she needs a helping hand. Talk to a senior home care specialist about your mom’s health and living situation, how often family members help out, and what care she needs. Above all include her as part of the conversation. If she asks questions and gives her input, then she’s less likely to resist.

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