Senior Safety: Four Signs that Your Senior Is Struggling

Senior Safety: Is it possible to tell that your senior is having a tough time with life, even if she won’t tell you that straight out?

It really is, but you may have to pay attention to a variety of different clues in order to know for sure. The best plan is to gently open a conversation with your senior about what you’re seeing and how you can help with their senior safety.


Caregiver in Northbrook IL: Senior Safety

Caregiver in Northbrook IL: Senior Safety


She’s Not Able to Drive Safely

When your elderly family member has issues driving, that restricts her mobility. She may not let you know that she’s experiencing those issues, either. There are a lot of other issues related to driving, like maintaining independence, that can make talking about this topic extremely difficult. Try to pay attention to how often your senior is driving and whether she’s expressing any difficulties or concerns around driving.

She’s Experiencing Falls or Near Misses with Falling

Falls and the aftermath of falls are a huge health issue for aging adults. If you know for certain or suspect that your elderly family member has had some near misses or actual falls, this can be a sign that she needs some more help. She may have issues around keeping her home picked up enough to avoid tripping hazards or she may need help with mobility.

She’s Ignoring Important Issues

Sometimes aging adults may try to pretend that there’s nothing wrong, when really there’s an awful lot going wrong. If your elderly family member is forgetting appointments or is neglecting home repairs or bills, that’s an indication that there are possibly some big issues. Talk to her about what you’re noticing and find out if there’s a way that you can help.

You’re Noticing Physical Changes

It may be that what you’re noticing first are physical changes in your senior. Unexpected weight changes, hygiene issues, and increasing health problems are just a few of the physical changes you might see. These can be a result of health conditions worsening, or they can be a sign that your elderly family member is having a difficult time keeping up with tasks that help her to stay healthy and safe in her home.

If you’re seeing a combination of these signs, it’s possible that your elderly family member is indeed struggling and needs more help for their senior safety. Bringing in a caregiver is an easy solution that can help your elderly family member to preserve the independence that she has left, which can be part of why some of these issues crop up in the first place.


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