Dealing with Anger Associate with Alzheimer’s Disease

Skilled Nursing in Deerfield

Skilled Nursing in Deerfield

Being the caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s can be one of the most difficult things you do. Your loved one will progress through many emotions and physical issues. Certainly, that progression can cause a lot of anger in your loved one. Which sometimes may be directed at you and sometimes directed at everyone within his sight.

This is an important time to have a skilled nursing care provider come for regular visits to help you get a little relief. She also uses her skilled nursing care skills to work with both your loved one and you. So that you can manage the daily ups and downs with less stress.

If you find your loved one struggling with anger, determine the cause of the outburst. You might reduce the number of outbursts, or at least shorten the time they happen. Here are five triggers that often cause behavior issues in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Physical Discomfort

Pain can cause anyone to lash out. If your loved one is angry or agitated, check if he’s in discomfort and can’t express it. If he wears adult diapers, perhaps he needs to be changed. He might also need to use the bathroom. If he is rubbing or holding an area of his body, he might be in pain. Having a skilled nursing care professional provide weekly body checks can help control his pain.

Inability to Communicate

Your loved one might get angry when he cannot tell you what he wants or feels. Be calm and try to read the situation to see what he needs. If his water glass is empty, perhaps he needs more water. If he hasn’t gone out for his morning walk because it’s storming, explain the situation. Then distract him until you can go outside.

A Chaotic Environment

Loud noises, lots of movement, and large groups of people may evoke an angry response from your loved one as he tries to deal with the situation. It’s important to share with any grandkids visiting to not be wild and use calm indoor voices. If there is a noise outside, like a neighbor’s dog barking non-stop, create some white noise in your loved one’s environment to cover it up. Maybe he has some favorite music you can play.

Unfamiliar Surroundings

Not knowing the area around him may cause some anger outbursts. Having friends and family come to him instead of him traveling to their homes can help alleviate those outbursts. Having a skilled nursing care provider come to the home instead of going to the clinic is another way to keep him in his safe place.

Difficulty with Tasks

What used to be simple tasks may have become more difficult or nearly impossible for your loved one to do anymore. Gently offer assistance before he gets too frustrated, and use distraction to help him remain calm as you complete the task.

The environment and atmosphere you create while caregiving can play a large part in helping your loved one feel calm and safe.

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